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MediQore Solutions: A New Era in Application Support

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Ken Roderman, Founder & CEO, MediQore SolutionsKen Roderman, Founder & CEO, MediQore Solutions Healthcare organizations across the U.S. are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, implementing quality IT solutions to improve care delivery and meet patient expectations is non-negotiable. On the other hand, the costs incurred in maintaining those applications further impaired by resource scarcity and an ever-declining budget has hospitals struggling to keep their head above water.

Today, healthcare organizations, whether large or small, deploy varied tools to ease all clinical, financial, and operational burdens, but the after story that unfurls is not always pleasant. Maintaining these myriad applications not only forces internal resources to engage in mundane, administrative tasks but also prevents them from focusing on core business objectives. Healthcare service providers that are supposed to alleviate the pain end up nickel and diming healthcare firms, which further adds to the cost. In fact, the results of a recent survey on 47 percent of U.S. hospitals revealed that two-thirds of them observed a year on year decline in operating margins, the net amount in losses tallying up to $6.8 billion. In such times, what the organizations need to stay ahead of the market is an application support strategy that entails end-to-end services at no hidden costs. Making all this and more possible is MediQore Solutions with their next-gen approach to managed application support services. MediQore is empowering healthcare institutions to “achieve more with less” as they finally put an end to the prevailing hourly rate cost model in application support. This means organizations can expect best-in-class support for as many applications required at a fixed, affordable fee—no fine print.

Reviving Health Systems

Behind this novel and much-needed approach is healthcare application support solutions expert, Ken Roderman, the founder and CEO of MediQore and an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience as a consultant. After witnessing firsthand how many service providers often provide this type of support in a somewhat inefficient, hourly based model, Roderman decided to rewrite the existing playbook in healthcare IT support. “The very nature of a consulting firm is to sell more services to a client, but often that can equate to spiraling costs paid by the hospital for services unrelated to the support of their applications,” remarks Roderman. Primarily, what healthcare firms need is a more flexible support system and this where MediQore steps in.

With MediQore, healthcare firms can gain access to a full range of day-to-day support services delivered by a body of experts, at an all-inclusive, monthly cost structure

With MediQore, organizations can gain access to a full range of day-to-day support services delivered by a body of experts, all for a single all-inclusive, monthly cost structure. This not only allows clients to bypass the expense of hiring additional full-time equivalents but also ensures that existing internal resources are more invested in achieving developmental goals. Now, every extra dollar saved can be invested in implementing new systems and keeping up with innovation.

Given their viable services portfolio, today, the company has grown by nearly 500 percent in just a little over a year. But Roderman’s road to success has been a long-winding one. When the founder decided to give shape to his brainchild, most healthcare institutions still wanted to bet their money on familiar consulting names, although what Roderman was offering was a better service at more affordable cost. “In my journey, I realized that building trust was essential in the industry. So, I initially partnered with existing consulting firms and worked as a subcontractor, delivering white-labeled solutions from behind the scenes,” he says. Overtime, MediQore Solutions proved its mettle, started gaining recognition among clients, and today the company supports over 100 healthcare applications. Once they started functioning as a standalone firm, MediQore has been able to further drive down the cost of their services.

People-First Approach

To get into the specifics of their solutions strategy, at the onset of each new project, team MediQore gains a thorough understanding of the client’s applicational culture, the existing users and processes in place, as well as the underlying support requirements. Clients can demand any support service from break-fix, change requests, day to day maintenance, upgrades, and more—MediQore covers it all. It is a nationwide service for every application in the market, and the company guarantees to find the right expertise. Support is offered 24/7/365, and clients are not obliged to sign up for any time-bound contracts. All said and done, while top notch expertise is no doubt MediQore’s most critical asset, Roderman states, “Our real value lies in the leveragability and versatility of the services that we bring to bear. All our offerings are also right-sized and customized for our clients.”

To take a page from their endless customer success stories, in one instance, using this leveragability and expertise, MediQore enabled a client to use only one-third of the FTEs originally assigned to support an application.

All credit goes to the experts at MediQore who were able to utilize and manage the applications in the best possible manner to provide the required level of support. In the end, the client was able to free up not only a significant number of internal resources, but the user satisfaction for that application went up considerably.

A customer-centric company in the truest sense, MediQore believes in keeping the entire transaction with its clients transparent and offers them detailed quarterly reports. This includes customer service satisfaction surveys, call histories, optimization strategies, and more. But hands down, the feature which makes the company a cut above existing vendors is the fact that as MediQore gets more efficient at handling a particular application, they can further decrease the prices for a client. “I have offered to reduce the monthly price point by ten percent for clients in my career span, but almost every time clients are so impressed that they have refused to take up the offer and instead asked us to take on more services,” explains Roderman. Moreover, in every step of the way, MediQore adopts a partnership approach and works hand in hand with clients to manage their needs, instead of assigning them a pre-defined solution set.

"It is a nationwide service for every application in the market, and the company guarantees to find the right expertise"

The Future of Application Support Services

Aimed squarely at providing top-notch solutions at single and predictable rates, MediQore’s operational strategy is as new-age as their services. All of their employees work nearly 100 percent remotely, either in a decentralized fashion from their homes or in a centralized manner from co-working centers. “We avoid investing in expensive office spaces as the cost gets indirectly transferred to a client. If the situation requires, MediQore also works onsite specifically during initial implementation phases,” says Roderman. The entire team collaborates through advanced communication technologies he has developed over the years, for a cohesive work environment. Roderman stresses the fact that the staff at MediQore comprises the same experts that any established consulting firm would hire. However, with MediQore, clients can access the same expertise without having to pay for their traveling expenses or other redundant management costs that most consulting firms attach with their services. “All in all, we are driven by service and powered by people,” he states.

The future holds endless promises for MediQore as they garner more attention from clients with their pragmatic approach to healthcare application support while breaking free from the conventional consulting firm mold. “In my years of experience I always thought there is a better way to offer support to the healthcare system, and from where we stand today we have proven it with our unique support model,” ends Roderman.

- Aaron Paul
    July 02, 2019