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MEDITECH: Delivering Web-based Mobile EHR

A. Neil Pappalardo, Founder and Chairman, MEDITECHA. Neil Pappalardo, Founder and Chairman, MEDITECH
Clinicians and healthcare organizations are increasingly making a shift from paper-based management practices towards digital medical records along with robust infrastructure for exchanging health information to improve quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare. Moreover, the data deluge and compliance laws in the healthcare industry are forcing organizations to re-engineer their business models and implement more of web-based, on-cloud, and mobile Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. However, the major issues that enterprises face while adopting EHR and EMR tools are huge monetary investments and security issues involved. Well positioned to discard these challenges and facilitate the deployment of digital medical record system is Westwood, MA based MEDITECH, which provides fully integrated, interoperable, patient-centered, and cost-effective EHR technology that spans across the entire healthcare continuum.

"MEDITECH was created with the mission of providing high quality care and efficiency to healthcare organizations at low cost," says A. Neil Pappalardo, Founder and Chairman, MEDITECH. The company has developed a web-based mobile EHR solution—built by physicians, for physicians—allowing users to increase their productivity and offer better service to patients. The tool enables users to deliver safer care across hospitals, ambulatory, home care, hospice, long-term care, and behavioral health settings. Adding to the functionality of MEDITECH’s web EHR are features such as standard content, evidence-based medicine, real-time data sharing, and inherent decision support tools that allows the doctors and caretakers to focus on patients. MEDITECH EHR allows the customer to keep their records in compliance with the latest federal and local regulations. “We constantly track industry changes and requirements as part of our ongoing development process, so our customers’ systems will always make the grade,” says Pappalardo.

Further, aggravating the functionalities of the company’s EHR solution is the MEDITECH 6.1 EHR, which is a clinically integrated, state-of-the-art healthcare solution.

MEDITECH was created with the mission of providing high quality care and efficiency to healthcare organizations at low cost

6.1 EHR fulfils the requirements of all healthcare units ranging from large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) to small critical access hospitals. Equipped with features such as intuitive tap and swipe navigation, increased integration, and fewer click access; 6.1 is designed with the mobile physician in mind. The tool offers universal access to the overall patient history wherever and whenever required by the healthcare providers. Additionally, MEDITECH 6.1’s Surveillance feature analyzes user’s data and automatically identifies patients who qualify for quality measures or potential HACs. Surgical Services solution of MEDITECH 6.1 also assists staff to strengthen efficiency and coordination, while allowing safer and more productive operating rooms.

Many customer success stories of MEDITECH are testaments to its efficiency in delivering end-to-end EHR solutions. One of MEDITECH’s customers, a Georgia-based healthcare system was facing issues with managing multiple EHRs across all their hospitals. The client approached MEDITECH to deploy on standard solution to integrate systems throughout all their healthcare institutions. With the implementation of MEDITECH EHR, the client was able to eliminate large of number of interfaces along with improving the continuity of care between their hospitals. The company’s customer was striving for—“one patient, one chart”—and MEDITECH helped them achieve that goal.

MEDITECH caters its platform to numerous private and public organizations serving in the healthcare sector. The company is also planning to expand its global operations and continuously innovating to enhance the efficiency of its solutions. In the days to come, MEDITECH will continue to help clients implement and manage the technologies that are most relevant to their business. “We must continue to anticipate the needs of our customers by adding appropriate functionality,” adds Pappalardo. “We must strive to make the human interface easier to comprehend and use.”