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MEREM Healthcare Solutions: Improving Medical Billing and Coding Practices

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Matthew Lemak, CEO, MEREM Healthcare SolutionsMatthew Lemak, CEO, MEREM Healthcare Solutions
A healthcare executive’s responsibilities are not as linear as one might assume. Besides organizing and overseeing the daily activities of a healthcare facility, managing finances and budgets are also an integral part of their every day checklist. And, keeping in mind the intricacies of financial transactions in the healthcare segment, ensuring that all payments are processed with due diligence becomes a herculean task for hospital administrators.

“These extensive responsibilities of healthcare professionals have led to a deterioration of the overall hospital and practice finance management quality,” expresses Matthew Lemak, CEO of MEREM Healthcare Solutions. While automation of these processes are partially helping healthcare providers simplify their practice management, they are still unable to make its mark widely visible. This is where Lemak views the synergy between technology and experienced, specialized individuals as the bedrock in establishing more efficient workflows throughout healthcare delivery. In that spirit, his company, Alabama-based MEREM Healthcare Solutions cements its cornerstone. Founded in 2008, the company offers comprehensive medical billing, coding, enrollment, denial management, pre-collection and other revenue cycle related services, catering to the expansive, ever-evolving needs of hospitals, specialty physician practices, imaging centers, and ambulatory surgical centers throughout the U.S. MEREM Healthcare Solutions’ core focus lies in improving efficiency in generating accurate bills, employing effective medical coding solutions, and ensuring that the provider receives timely reimbursements.

Lemak and his team observe a client’s existing workflows from outside-in to identify the problems curtailing a healthcare provider’s financial growth and offer services to eliminate them.

They study how a medical practice handles their financial transactions after the delivery of patient care to analyze all available data, using which they gain comprehensive insights and offer business-critical advice. “We intend to build a completely cohesive relationship with our clients and get an adept understanding of their workflows to commit toward improving their financial effectiveness,” states Lemak.

MEREM Healthcare Solutions’ core focus lies in mitigating a healthcare facility’s difficulties in generating accurate bills, employing effective medical coding solutions, and ensuring that the care providers receive timely reimbursements

Ranging from transaction processing to claims management and reporting and analytics, MEREM Healthcare Solutions caters to end-to-end billing cycle, bringing about a quick denial and rejection turnaround daily. Moreover, with MEREM Healthcare’s medical auditing services—where the company’s dutiful staff conduct “microsampling audits”—clients can learn, and improve, their existing medical coding processes, platform utilization, and patient data management efficiencies. Alongside the revenue cycle process management services, MEREM Healthcare Solutions also offers credentialing services. Understanding the severity of erroneous credentials, MEREM Healthcare’s credentialing manager compiles and safeguards all relevant documents for its clients pertaining to the medical practice and its employees.

The robustness of these services is a testament to the company’s vision of offering well-rounded medical practice management. That being said, owing to the risks associated with an unstable financial market, MEREM Healthcare Solutions strongly believes in preparing their clients with a contingency plan to attain desirable monetary outcomes. Consequently, MEREM Healthcare Solutions also offers its client an innovative system of patient pre-collections: an aggressive yet necessary move toward ensuring financial security for medical practitioners. By employing such stringent financial practices in a healthcare facility, MEREM Healthcare Solutions strives to provide its clients with holistic revenue cycle management services. Moving forward, the company intends to leverage its extensive billing and coding experience in the musculoskeletal and neurosurgery spaces and penetrate various other healthcare sectors by the end of 2020.

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MEREM Healthcare Solutions

Birmingham, AL

Matthew Lemak, CEO , MEREM Healthcare Solutions

MEREM Healthcare Solutions deploys a team of certified coders to assure that charges and reimbursements are maximized, as well as medical billers who provide intensive A/R follow-up to assure that all claims are paid in a timely manner. We want to ensure physicians, hospitals and outpatient centers have the finest medical billing services available. MEREM Healthcare Solutions is able to provide clients with superior service at a fraction of the cost of our competitors—we work on a percentage collected and get paid after our clients do