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Metis Healthcare: Innovation and Rapid Healthcare Products Development

Cristiano Rumio, CEO, Metis HealthcareCristiano Rumio, CEO, Metis Healthcare
Milan-based Metis Healthcare develops innovative healthcare products aimed at improving the quality of everyday life. “Our high-profile competence and our ability to rapidly develop products is our essence,” begins Cristiano Rumio, CEO of Metis Healthcare. The B2B startup was established in 2015 by four of its core members who had spent their entire careers in the pharmaceutical sector while working for high-end pharma establishments. After an occasional meeting at a conference and discussing the shortcomings in medical device and food supplements, they decided to join forces and founded Metis Healthcare, intending to create a niche for themselves in the market.

The challenge was to face the limitations found in everyday products present in the market. “Unmet medical need is the question and innovation is the answer,” states Rumio. Being a full-time researcher, Cristiano was fascinated by the most efficient technologies that could control the relationship between bacteria and the human body. He discussed with his academic colleagues, and Metis Healthcare embarked on its first project of industrializing bacteria and created an innovative product, Golabact that dealt with respiratory disease such as cold and cough. Golabact is highly successful and is being sold within Europe and 6-7 other countries outside the continent. “We are very proud of what we have done in our first project,” states Rumio.

Metis Healthcare provides ready-to-sell quality products with high end-to-end manufacturing capabilities and devises efficient marketing plans for clients to sell quickly in their local territories.

Our high-profile competence and our ability to rapidly develop products is our essence

For its clients who aim to introduce new developments in the conservative pharma market, the company offers not only an idea but an actual product ready to send. For instance, Metis Healthcare presented a solution to its customers for Xerostomia, or dry mouth, due to a decrease in saliva found commonly in old age people. A couple of companies were already working on this challenge, and there were no viable options present in the market.So, Metis Healthcare initiated researching deeply on the physiology of saliva and concluded that an artificial drug substitute could not be given to patients to replicate human saliva. The firm worked tirelessly and introduced a productwithin six-to-seven months that could increase the natural flow of saliva in patients’ mouth. Metis Healthcare registered the first product called Salifluss and moved to human testing and Salifluss was successfully able to increase the amount of saliva and control the pH of the saliva in patients. “Our ability to work in minimal times enabled us to release Salifluss in the market which is not a drug but a medical device,” asserts Rumio. Salifluss has been patented in Europe and the US, and Metis Healthcare is leaving no stone unturned to market it further since the device can relieve many suffering patients who are usually underway chemotherapy.

Metis Healthcare holds a strong position financially and is entirely independent of third-party investors. The company reinvests its revenue in its management, research and development initiatives, and it is optimistic about a clear future right ahead of it. The firm has witnessed increased revenue and is ready to engage in newer markets globally, such as countries in Africa. “We work in a very cut-throat environment and collaboration with us will result in nothing else but an innovative product at a competitive price,” concludes Rumio.

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Metis Healthcare

Metis Healthcare

Milan, Italy

Cristiano Rumio, CEO , Metis Healthcare

Metis Healthcare is based on state-of-the-art technology, scientific competence, experience, and creativity focused on developing innovative healthcare products aimed at improving the quality of everyday life