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MiCare Path : Simplifying Healthcare Pathways for Patients

Scott Laster CEO, MiCare PathScott Laster CEO, MiCare Path
A digital guide of the city is one of the most important items in a traveler’s checklist. However, a physical map never conveys the complete picture. There might be unforeseen circumstances like roadblocks or unforeseen traffic accidents. Thanks to the advent of real-time navigation and GPS, a traveler can now accurately navigate to their destination through the easiest path with step-by-step guidance and an otherwise unattainable peace of mind.

Now, imagine these same navigation challenges in the healthcare space where patients are the travelers and the care journey is their unchartered territory.

Without proper real-time connectivity and guidance, patients often find it challenging to navigate through the complex healthcare landscape. When a patient visits a physician’s office, the physician often times is only able to hand them a ‘map’ to a care plan that the patient must then navigate independently, unaware of the steps they are supposed to take to achieve the best possible outcome and without a way to seek guidance at the critical forks in the road where there is uncertainty. To this end, MiCare Path was formed to provide personalized peace-of-mind for all the stakeholders involved in this complex market of healthcare.

• For the patient, it provides that ‘real-time navigation’ simplifying their care and providing connectivity to critical resources

• For the physician, it provides the digital-glue which binds patients to their care, gives longitudinal insights into progress, and creates new revenue sources to their practice

• For the insurance provider, it stamps out the approximately 20 percent waste seen from non-guided patients floundering in the system to find answers

“Our goal is to personalize peace-of-mind for every stakeholder in healthcare through a novel, actionable remote monitoring care platform,” says Scott Laster, chief executive officer of MiCare Path.

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Their initial market entry of Musculoskeletal disease, including arthritis (all types) and osteoporosis, is one of the most common causes of disability and effects more than 127 million people in the U.S.—which is more than half of its adult population. To improve the healthcare journey of such patients, MiCare Path is providing a remote patient monitoring platform that delivers a rich system of learning management, patient engagement, behavioral change, and automated, interactive communication.

The goal of MiCare Path is to fill the patient’s healthcare journey with confidence and comfort—engaging them to make meaningful steps toward the best possible outcomes. At its core is effective guidance assembled by top tier healthcare leaders. The enterprise platform then monitors and customizes in real-time according to the specific progress and outcomes of each patient. With the world-renown medical advisors providing insight into the systems intelligence, the MiCare Path’s remote patient monitoring platform ensures the right care at the right time.

  • MiCare Path was formed to provide personalized peace-of-mind for all the stakeholders involved in this complex market of healthcare.

Through such innovative approaches imbued with the personal and deep professional experiences of its leadership team, MiCare Path is now poised to ensure the best-in-class standards for every stakeholder involved. “Everything we learned along the way, we have carefully crafted into our remote monitoring platform, and made it available for this tremendously underserved market of musculoskeletal disease, but the glory of this enterprise technology is its scalability to other markets as we grow and find the other unsolved needs,” says Brian Childress, chief commercial officer of MiCare Path. As such, the initial commercial release of the MiCare Path platform will focus on the hip and knee space, before expanding to the rest of the musculoskeletal market. Once the platform has a firm foothold in the healthcare space, the company aims to refine it to perfection and pivot its capabilities according to future client demands.
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MiCare Path

Allen, TX

Scott Laster CEO and Brian Childress , MiCare Path

A virtual healthcare platform providing continual care via Remote Patient Monitoring to deliver individual care pathways optimizing patient care and outcomes. MiCare Path provides a customized full service platform utilizing psychometrics and use performance leveraged to engage patients and inform clinical care for chronic disease states