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MicroFour: Seamlessly Integrating Practice Management and Medical Records

 Brett Taylor, President, MicroFour
Since the sanction of the HITECH Act, the healthcare sector has undergone massive transformation in terms of deploying technology to provide better care for patients. The adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) among healthcare providers has been one of the most transformative changes to occur. While regulatory bodies have compelled healthcare providers to adopt EHRs, challenges related to cost, usability and interoperability continue to persist as a substantial barrier to the long term goals of reducing healthcare costs and improving public health. “In addition, most of the software options available in the market are slow to document a patient encounter, creating a bottleneck situation,” says Brett Taylor, President, MicroFour. Countering these challenges is Amarillo, TX based MicroFour, a company that develops and deploys EHR software which consists of a fully integrated Practice Management suite assisting healthcare organizations to provide better care while meeting regulatory needs.

With an industry presence of more than two decades, MicroFour’s mission is to empower healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals to increase office productivity, produce accurate and timely records, effectively manage information requirements, and improve patient care. “Our initial design concept was to develop a complete solution that would deal with the patient encounter from the time the patient walked through the clinic door all the way through to the time he/she walks out of the premises,” states Taylor.

The company’s flagship product PracticeStudio is a complete EHR software solution which consists of EMR software and a fully integrated Practice Management suite. The solution provides the touch-based EMR software for charting along with scheduling, billing, custom reporting, statistics, inventory and more in a fully integrated Practice Management suite. “The two most important things that we offer are that the ability to completely document the patient encounter and perform all practice management billing and collection tasks in a fast and efficient manner,” says Taylor.

The two most important things that we offer are that the ability to completely document the patient encounter and perform all practice management billing and collection tasks in a fast and efficient manner

This real time documentation procedure eliminates unnecessary backend processes, and allows healthcare staffs to provide a higher level of care in a shorter amount of time. “Through this process, care providers can quickly document the patient record and attending staff are guided by the software to document in a proper way to meet the meaningful use guidelines,” he adds. This not only provides the benefit of recording of what’s happening in the patient encounter, but also in accumulating and assessing information on that patient who is being documented. PracticeStudio's unique design allows for highly customized reporting, tracking, practice statistics, and more to be completely integrated with the charting experience. Further to make the patient encounter more efficient, MicroFour has come up with a new blueprint assisted charting that gives care providers the ability to highly customize the documentation process saving time and effort while eliminating redundancy.

MicroFour is one of the first software companies in healthcare to use touch screen based computers and devices. “We help organizations transition through the changing requirements of the healthcare sector,” says Taylor. He continues, “Our approach has been simple from the beginning. First we narrow down our focus to certain specialties; by doing this we can make the product laser focused to serve and do more for our clients.” The company has made significant investment in research and utilizes the latest tools and techniques to aid customers to achieve the desired business outcome.

Forging ahead, MicroFour strives to meet the ever changing demands of the healthcare domain, to continue to embrace the latest technological advancements, and enhance and release cutting edge software products. As pioneers in the field of EMR, MicroFour will continue to provide their existing and future customers across the country with premium EHR software.