Mindray North America - Patient Monitoring Solutions/Service Company

Mindray North America: Pioneering Patient Monitoring Solutions through Innovation

 LI Xiting Executive Chairman, President & Co-CEO, Mindray North America
To a large extent computer based patient monitoring has become an important point of displaying data. With the help of patient monitoring systems, physicians are able to deliver better and timely care. Mahwah, NJ based Mindray North America develops, manufactures and exports medical devices for patient monitoring, diagnostics and ultrasound imaging systems, in-vitro diagnostic products, and medical imaging systems to help clinicians achieve ultimate patient care. “Care is never static. The desire to improve care is what drives our innovation at Mindray,” says LI Xiting, President and Co-CEO of Mindray.

Mindray North America is part of Mindray Medical International Limited (NYSE: MR) which is a medical equipment manufacturer from china “At Mindrayn we are committed to improve the patient experience,” adds LI Xiting. The company’s patient monitoring and life support division expand and assemble multi-parameter patient monitors, biotelemetry systems, anesthesia delivery systems, defibrillators, ECG machines, pulse oxymeters, hospital beds, and mounting systems for customers. “Our innovative products, service and resources has created an unprecedented opportunity for growth and development for clients,” says LI Xiting.

The company has carved a niche in the various compatible patients monitoring solutions ranging from high acuity, mid/low acuity, transport, vital signs and telemetry and central stations categories. Mindray transforms patient care by adapting to the patient's needs across the hospital environment–from module, to transport, to stand-alone bedside monitors–while maintaining continuity of patient information and speeding workflow. The company’s transport monitor, Mindray T1 Transport is a compact, lightweight solution that serves as a comprehensive multi-parameter module, and a versatile bedside T1 offers a standard robust, multi-measurement feature set, and goes further with optional multi-vector ST and arrhythmia analysis, 12-lead ECG with interpretation, and integrated wireless communications.

When connected to an external touchscreen display, the T1 transforms into a bedside monitor expanding capabilities with features such as multiple screen layouts for customization of waveform and numeric data, configurable quick keys, and bed-to-bed communication.

Our innovative products, service and resources has created an unprecedented opportunity for growth and development for clients

Mindray’s Passport 8 and 12 patient monitors is an example of inspired result of ingenuity and efficiency offering a modular approach to the traditional configured multi-parameter monitor. “The monitors are flexible for virtually any clinical environment, and offer a plug-and-play modular structure allowing for more advanced monitoring functions,” explains LI Xiting. “Passport 8 and 12 can notify on subjects like CO2, two additional invasive pressures, cardiac output, or a combination of all three.” The products come standard with custom touchscreen display, easy touch function keys, and parameters that meet clinical needs. “We also have the Accutorr 3 offering a standard RS-232 interface that allows for the direct export of vital signs data into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR),” asserts LI Xiting.

The company’s Mindray BeneVision Central Station is a powerful and scalable solution providing for continuous, real-time surveillance across large and small networks. The system can display patient information from networked monitors, wireless transport solutions, and telemetry transmitters–up to 600 devices across the hospital enterprise, locally and remotely. “With these arrays of highly innovative products we take care of an obligation we all share to improve healthcare, and for the years to come we will fulfill our medical responsibility,” adds LI Xiting.

For the days to come Mindray aims to focus on the fast evolving technology influencing the patient monitoring system, and help their client to stay a step ahead from their competitors by providing pioneering products.