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Mirada Medical: Pioneering Personalized Cancer Care

Jon DeVries, CEO, Mirada MedicalJon DeVries, CEO, Mirada Medical
Everybody’s cancer is unique, requiring a personalized and precise treatment,” says Jon DeVries, CEO of Mirada Medical. An innovative application provider of image analysis software for radiology and oncology, Mirada Medical extracts information from image data to help physicians deliver personalized and precise image-guided cancer treatments. The company drives innovations that work in harmony across three specialties; diagnostic imaging, technologies for external beam radiotherapy (RT) applications, and treatment plans for interventional procedures.

The most clinically impactful solution in Mirada’s comprehensive diagnostic suite is Simplicit90Y, its customized, easy-to-use, interventional radiology software. The solution facilitates dosimetry planning and improves Y-90 selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) workflows. “Simplicit90Y helps physicians make better decisions, enabling them to generate a treatment plan that is personalized to an individual’s cancer symptoms, dramatically improving patient outcomes,” says DeVries. The benefits Simplicit90Y delivers have been proven in multiple clinical trials.

While performing the trials with Boston Scientific, a leading manufacturer of interventional medical devices, Mirada began with an initial focus on liver cancer, primarily on patients with a nine-to-10-month life expectancy. With Boston Scientific’s TheraSphere treatment and Mirada’s Simplicit90Y personalized dose plan, the patients achieved a nearly 150-percent increase in life expectancy; and the tumor was ablated, or shrunk, sufficiently in 36-percent of those patients to make them candidates for surgery where their tumor could be removed, which is a curative procedure. With such tremendous benefits associated with personalizing cancer treatments, Mirada intends to carry forward with the same approach in other indications, such as prostate, brain, and colorectal cancer.

The company’s goals for the Simplicit90Y include continuing to evolve the product, which is in use globally, to further address requirements of all key stakeholders: the clinical, IT, and financial staff.

Mirada’s wide-ranging diagnostic imaging software, Mirada XD, offers a complete set of workflows fueled by accurate and flexible tools, to boost radiologists’ confidence in interpreting data.

The company’s solution suite for radiotherapy professionals includes a series of image assessment and automation offerings, namely RTx and DLCExpert to boost cancer care.The comprehensive image registration and visualization software, RTx, is integrated with a uniquely-tailored registration algorithm that supports multiple radiotherapy planning workflows. Mirada’s DLCExpert software, the first FDA cleared AI application for Radiation Oncology, allows clinics to choose from its AI Library of structures and provides much-needed efficiency in organ-at-risk contouring, using leading-edge deep-learning technology. With the company’s AI-powered Deep Learning Contours (DLC) helping identify healthy tissues that should not be radiated during treatment, physicians can apply four times as much radiation to the tumor. While helping the staff to be more efficient, the Mirada DLC also helps standardize and reduce variation in patient care.

Simplicit90Y helps physicians make better decisions, enabling them to generate a treatment plan that is personalized to an individual’s cancer symptoms, dramatically increasing patient response

As variations in care generate additional risk for patients, the company conducts peer reviews and workshops to collect feedback from and help RT professionals who review the contours. Narrowing those variations into best practices, Mirada’s innovative software suite helps physicians consistently gain better outcomes in patient treatment. The company is also developing adaptive technology to help ascertain quickly the need to adapt an additional treatment to a patient’s existing treatment plan.

Mirada adopts a partnership-first model when going to market with its products, opting to co-sell its broad product suite to create a better solution for customers. While the diagnostic imaging solution is embedded with its partner’s CT scanners, Simplicit90Y’s personalized dose is implemented with every site that adopts the TheraSphere treatment, and its radiation therapy offerings are similarly sold via its healthcare partners. In doing so, the company maintained strong partnerships with various renowned healthcare providers such as Canon Medical, Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Boston Scientific, and many more, to enable market-wide distribution of its solutions.

Mirada’s unrivaled scientific expertise in diagnostic imaging stems from the company’s substantial investments toward maintaining a close-knit yet ambitious and extremely talented scientific staff, delivering the highest quality of work. Equipped with knowledge and technology, as well as a strong global foothold, Mirada is well-positioned to address the growing demand for cancer care.

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Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical

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Jon DeVries, CEO, Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical develops medical imaging and AI powered automation software applications that provide simple and accessible solutions to complex image analysis problems in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases.