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Mobius Imaging: Bringing Intelligent Imaging to the Patient's Point of Care

Eugene Gregerson, President & CEO, Mobius ImagingEugene Gregerson, President & CEO, Mobius Imaging
The healthcare landscape today is changing tremendously to stay abreast of the latest digital and technological innovations. Medical institutions are currently focused on enhancing the quality of patient care along with facilitating cost effective, personalized healthcare services. Most healthcare organizations are now adopting a wide array of novel technologies, such as 3D mammography, cloud computing, and telemedicine. Additionally, care providers are keenly looking for intelligent advancements in the radiology arena with portable Computed Tomography (CT) scanners that are not only able to produce three dimensional images, but also provide personalized services to patients. “Many patients in the ICU are in critical condition and moving them to the radiology room for scans causes inconvenience and may be clinically inappropriate,” states Eugene Gregerson, President and CEO, Mobius Imaging. In order to enhance the capabilities of medical imaging, Mobius Imaging designs and manufactures imaging systems that allow the clinician to collect high-quality images wherever required—be it the Operating Room (OR), Emergency Room (ER) or any other clinical setting.

Founded in 2008, Mobius Imaging envisioned developing a novel CT scanner with an Intelligent Imaging approach to help in surgeries and interventional procedures. Encompassing the firm’s Intelligent Imaging approach is Mobius Imaging’s flagship product, the Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT scanner, which can be brought to the patient. The scanner produces high-resolution CT images that enhance the decision-making processes in surgeries and support minimally invasive surgical procedures. The portable scanner provides three-dimensional images with its integrated OR table and 32-slice helical scan detector array. “Airo particularly helps in cranial, spinal and trauma procedures,” confides Gregerson.

The Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT System particularly helps in cranial, spinal and trauma procedures

During surgical procedures when a surgeon is implanting a screw, or a plate, or removing a tumor, a regular CT scanner exposes the surgeon to an undue amount of radiation. With the Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT scanner, such situations can be completely avoided. The Airo Imaging ring moves the length of the scan while the patient remains in place, not the other way around as in traditional scanners— and provides surgeons with a detailed image set of the patient in the precise O.R. required position. It can scan the entire spine in about 30 seconds, providing clear and crisp images.

Mobius Imaging’s Airo mobility features include a five-degree ramp capacity, and it can travel long distances on its battery-powered motorized drive. The CT scanner is a multipurpose machine that can be used by healthcare practitioners in multiple locations inside a hospital—be it the radiology department for scanning or for surgeries in operating theatres.

Mobius Imaging developed several new technologies required to build such a compact sized CT scanner. The firm developed high voltage generators, custom CT detectors, and a gantry ring with accurate precision control, significantly smaller than those found in standard CT scanners. “The scanner features a compressed power supply and cooling system that includes a smaller tube for emitting X– Rays,” adds Gregerson.

Continuing on its growth trajectory, Mobius Imaging will be developing several more enhanced technologies that include higher power X-Ray tubes and new detectors. With its increasing scope in the radiology sector, the company aims to achieve technological advancements alongside geographical expansion. “We are going to introduce the very first CT scanner that will be able to scan the patients in a standing position by next year,” exclaims Gregerson.