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Mytonomy: Redefining the Patient Education Experience

Vinay Bhargava, Co-Founder & President, MytonomyVinay Bhargava, Co-Founder & President, Mytonomy
Although healthcare may begin at the clinician’s office, it most certainly shouldn’t end there, especially at a time when gadgets and the necessary options for connectivity have already found a place among the masses. However, healthcare institutions often tend to underestimate the impact that well-informed and guided patients can have on the healthcare ecosystem. By positioning itself at the sweet spot between patient engagement and education, Maryland-based Mytonomy offers a cloud-based platform that can readily be leveraged by healthcare institutions to propel themselves into the era where healthcare is becoming more consumer centric. “The business model for healthcare is changing, but no one is helping health systems deliver care differently to patients so that they can contribute more toward their wellbeing. We are able to make healthcare feel less like healthcare and more of a digital experience that consumers may be familiar with,” mentions Vinay Bhargava, the president and co-founder of Mytonomy.

By leveraging Mytonomy’s Patient Experience Cloud, hospitals can deliver curated video content—largely in the form of short videos that delivermicro-learning—to their patients. Be it welcome videos from hospital CMOs, or clips that elucidate the treatment process thereby reducing patient anxiety or even videos that are aimed at patient wellbeing after discharge, Mytonomy has it all. The end goal is patient behavior change.

The company also partners with some of the prominent healthcare publishers and medical centers to add to their rich library of resourceful video content. Additionally, Mytonomy has the capacity to produce their own videos as well as for healthcare providers. For the latter aspect, Mytonomy’s studio is backed by a medical director and productions are previewed by medical advisors.

We are able to make healthcare feel less like healthcare and more of a digital experience that consumers may be familiar with

Unlike other patient engagement players, Mytonomy does not ’dribble’ out one video at a time to the user. The platform is designed in such a way that the patients are taken through a stage-by-stage learning journey that runs parallel to their treatment and medical condition. Healthcare providers can implement validated 3rd party surveys to use behavioral science to go beyond patient activation. These analytics tools allow for patient segmentation – patients with different scores on surveys can be given different follow up education, enabling providers to create different risk pools and drive value-based care. In essence, Mytonomy leverages behavioral science to bring about a positive outcome on patient behavior such that they are better aligned to the healthcare services they receive; a scenario where both the provider and patients are in sync to drive overall efficiency into the healthcare process.

The platform’s benefits translate to personalized patient care, improved conversion rates, and efficiency in healthcare processes and nursing. For one of their clients, Mytonomy was able to reduce the no-show rate for routine stress tests from fifty to seven percent. The formula was simple: focusing on reducing patient anxiety and building an emotional connection with the patient. “This no-show reduction alone has the potential to save the hospital $328,000 a year. When applied across most or all procedures, the savings for care providers would be enormous,” mentions Bhargava.

As a former Google employee, Bhargava has imbibed into Mytonomy, two prime aspects that the tech behemoth always upheld: focus on the end user—patients—and make it easy for customers—healthcare providers—to self-serve. As such, hospitals can go up and running with the Patient Experience Cloud in less than two weeks. Also, Mytonomy boasts more than eighty percent of usage data. To maintain its impressive achievement, Mytonomy plans to expand its library to house content that spans across a wide spectrum of healthcare facets. The company also plans to sharpen their analytics capability further so that newer data models for patient engagements can enhance the delivery of personalized care.