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NaphCare, Inc.: Transforming Correctional Healthcare

Byron P. Harrison, Director of Information Systems, NaphCare, Inc.Byron P. Harrison, Director of Information Systems, NaphCare, Inc.
Not many healthcare providers can serve a pure-play market like that of correctional healthcare, yet manage to be highly successful and financially stable in their undertaking. NaphCare has accomplished this since 1989 and has carved a niche for itself in that market. The company believes that EHRs within correctional facilities are quickly growing in scope as they not only provide useful insights to ascertain inmate health conditions, but also blends seamlessly with facility operational workflow and processes. This subtle development requires deployment of a holistic solution that can transcend existing EMR/EHR systems by also managing work processes. Ahead of the game, NaphCare’s EHR connects medical history with patient health status, communicates these specifics with appropriate stakeholders, and streamlines workflows within correctional facilities. “From medical and behavioral health to restoration of a prisoner’s competency, we are ready to face head-on all challenges in the healthcare arena,” states Byron P. Harrison, Director of Information System at NaphCare.

TechCare®, the indigenous solution from NaphCare, can be easily tailored to fit the workflows of correctional facilities and focuses on interoperability with systems like hospital EHRs, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), retail pharmacies, and the like. With TechCare®, a correctional facility (like a county jail or state prison system) can register key metrics like the number of patients admitted, reported and screened, records statistics for particular health conditions, and presents the facts and figures in a regulatory-compliant form on a daily basis.

TechCare® trumps market alternatives as it automates healthcare service delivery by building on an inmate’s complete medical history. Its built-in streamlining tools capture patient information by questioning and automating data collection from hospital records, pharmacies, and other entities in the healthcare value chain. With the help of NaphCare’s platform, users can proactively assess the medical condition of their inmates and treat them based on their diagnoses.

Beyond providing a niche-specific EHR, we enable genuine continuity of care practices by connecting the incarcerated and free world care organizations

NaphCare manages healthcare delivery even after inmates leave the correctional facility, and its integration-centric solution plays a key role in this operational novelty. “Integration is a driving force behind continuity of care. We make sure that patients continue to receive care regardless of whether they are inside or outside the correctional institutions,” says Harrison.

The tailored implementation procedure at a correctional facility starts with a thorough requirement-gathering phase, where NaphCare visits correctional facilities, studies their workflows, business requirements, and day-to-day operations. What’s more, they empower their clients with the liberty to customize the solution according to their operational and business needs. The product transition process is conducted through elaborate measures involving an active on-site presence and synergy with NaphCare’s team, which is comprised of doctors, nurses, and clinical professionals. Following a successful implementation, monthly meetings with customers and multiple on-site sessions aid NaphCare in gathering feedback from customers and releasing a new version of TechCare® on a monthly basis.

The success of NaphCare’s solutions and services is remarkable. For instance, Maricopa County, Arizona, the fourth-largest county correctional institution in the U.S., was relying on paper records. The institution zeroed in on TechCare® due to its proven track record over decades. NaphCare facilitated the transition from a paper health record maintenance system to an automated, electronical process that has been continually recognized. NaphCare continues to fine-tune the TechCare® platform in accordance with the facility’s unique processes for Maricopa County and its other customers across the U.S.

Harrison says that the end-goal is to enable those correctional facilities who truly aspire to provide a higher level of care, able to do so while being more efficient and saving money.