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NaphCare, Inc. / TechCare® EHR: Fueling Paradigm Shift in Corrections & Public Health EHRs

Byron P. Harrison, MS, Director of Information Systems, NaphCare, Inc. TechCare EHRByron P. Harrison, MS, Director of Information Systems, NaphCare, Inc. TechCare EHR
Today, correctional and public health facilities find it crucial to implement EMR and EHR systems to ensure that patients obtain appropriate healthcare amenities on a timely basis and in a cost-effective manner. Healthcare providers in these institutions face regulations that demand both thorough medical documentation and detailed reporting. Moreover, the perennial need arises for system interoperability and interconnectivity to seamlessly exchange medical information between these healthcare sectors. As a proven leader in correctional EHR systems for over a decade, NaphCare is expanding its offering to public health systems. This offer provides these unique clients with proactive care models that fit their environment. “Our cutting-edge solutions enable seamless interoperability for public health and correctional institutions along with meaningful reporting and tracking,” begins Byron Harrison, Director of Information Systems at NaphCare.

The Company’s solutions and services efficiently capture basic and detailed information at the initial point of care while using back-end queries to drug repositories and health information exchanges, giving medical providers a complete picture of a patient’s condition. NaphCare’s flagship product, TechCare®, is a customizable EHR system that is tailored to meet the unique niche of government-managed institutions. “Our system is a data aggregator solution that collects information by observing a person’s medical history and making it accessible to caregivers,” adds Harrison. The product, maintained and managed in-house by full-time developers and clinical teams, is a turnkey solution for providing care in a fast, efficient, and accurate manner.

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, NaphCare maintains compliance standards that exceed Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), American Correctional Association (ACA) and National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) standards, effectively adhering to electronically protected health information, regulations and compliance.

The corrections and public health niche demands a solution designed for this unique area of healthcare. Our approach has proven itself in some of the most challenging healthcare landscapes

Certified as a complete EHR, the TechCare® platform does not rely on any third-party software, and is offered to clients with customization options, personnel training, migration of records, and implementation services without any additional charges.

A client since 2012, Maricopa County Correctional Health Services, located in Phoenix, Arizona with an average population of 8,000 inmates across 6sites, was facing a significant challenge with a previously selected EHR vendor who failed to implement a system in a timely manner. Although Maricopa County’s Correctional Health Services has always provided a high level of care, detailed documentation and reporting of healthcare processes was lacking. The County turned to NaphCare’s TechCare® EHR System. “We implemented our system, completely customized to Maricopa County’s needs and processes, in order to maintain a high level of care while capturing valuable reporting information,” says Harrison. The jail system was recently selected to receive NCCHC’s R. Scott Chavez Facility of the Year Award. “We are extremely proud of our customer’s achievement and we are ecstatic to be a part of it. We see Maricopa County and all of our customers as long-term partners that demand more than software,” explains Harrison.

Standing apart from competitors, NaphCare is more than an “off-the-shelf” software provider. The Company focuses specifically on adapting to the environments of their customers. “We offer a complete healthcare management system with all modules and tools built directly into the product,” extols Harrison. “We provide instant customizations, fast support, and a complete understanding of correctional and public healthcare.” Looking towards the future, “we will expand to the public health arena and provide clients with solutions that can adapt to workflow processes with detailed customizations in the upcoming years,” concludes Harrison.