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Net Health: Pioneering the Art of the Right Fit

Anthony Sanzo, CEO & Chairman, Net HealthAnthony Sanzo, CEO & Chairman, Net Health
Anthony Sanzo’s business acumen and expertise stretch beyond the boundaries of his corner office. He was also an athlete, who has participated in numerous marathon and triathlon circuits. “By committing to these endurance events, I learned valuable lessons that have been helpful in meeting challenges faced at the corporate level,” reveals Anthony Sanzo, CEO and Chairman, Net Health®. “The most vital lesson I learned is that nothing important gets done in a day; therefore, one has to commit not just to the goal but also to the process to succeed. If you make a commitment to both, and give it enough time, your body will do things you never thought possible. The same is true when you are leading an organization. Leveraging the same principle, we have grown from a fledgling company with two employees to a recognized leader in solutions for specialized outpatient care,” he explains.

Known for being experts in ‘The Art of the Right Fit®’, Net Health provides fully interoperable EHR and documentation solutions to five medical specialty markets. They offer clients end-to-end solutions that include practice management tools, clinical workflow documentation, revenue cycle management, analytics, and professional services. Today, Net Health products serve healthcare professionals in 3,000 urgent care, occupational medicine, wound care, rehab therapy and acute care facilities. “To support our clients, we employ several subject matter experts who closely track regulatory changes—including those that impact the payment process or otherwise affect our clients’ ability to operate effectively. Compliance is critical functionality in our solutions that serve providers in highly specialized care settings. Products like WoundExpert®, ReDoc®, and AgilityOM™ wouldn’t see the rapid adoption and loyalty they do if they didn’thelp keep clients ahead of regulatory requirements,” he adds.

Out of the many success stories associated with Net Health, it is the case involving Ministry Health Care—a network of hospitals, clinics, and other health-related organizations— that is distinct. Thirteen Ministry Outpatient Therapy Clinics were using paper charts. Records were difficult to access, patient notes by therapists varied in length and detail, and there was a clear lack of standardization.

We offer clients end-to-end solutions that include practice management tools, clinical workflow documentation, revenue cycle management, analytics, and professional services

They needed an electronic system that would reduce therapists’ administrative time, create more time to see additional patients, provide a systematic way to capture complete clinical information, and seamlessly interface with both the hospital HIS and third-party payer systems. After thorough search, Net Health’s ReDoc solution was determined to be a perfect fit. The solution was introduced to all thirteen outpatient facilities with over 80 Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists. In addition to meeting Ministry’s stated objectives, ReDoc included a patient scheduling system that further improved office efficiency and helped increase the number of patients seen by therapists in the same time span. In fewer than 120 days, ReDoc was successfully implemented and facilities soon began to reap the benefits. Between a 22 percent increase in therapist productivity, operating cost reductions afforded by ReDoc, and effective ReDoc/HIS interfaces, Ministry saw $1 million in sustained annual revenue from added patient visits. He concludes, “Net Health is not a company that takes anything for granted. We are appreciative of the opportunities that we have today and humbled by the work our clients do to care for the ill and injured and promote wellness. On a daily basis, we recommit to fully understanding our clients’ challenges and needs. We’re devoted to continuous improvement, for our clients, our employees, and our shareholders.”