Netsmart - Healthcare Information Exchange Solutions/Service Company

Netsmart: Maintaining Healthcare Quality through CareConnect

In an effort to improve the health services through IT integration, healthcare organizations are electronically connecting local health departments and integrating care processes across healthcare providers. However, they are unable to quickly identify those patients who are suffering from multiple chronic diseases to offer better treatment at manageable costs. In such a scenario, Netsmart offers an effective remedy by leveraging Health Information Exchange (HIE) software solutions and improving patient safety by reducing medication and health-related costs.

The company provides a comprehensive care process to achieve better healthcare quality. Michael Valentine, CEO of Netsmart says, “We’re one of the longest standing IT companies in the U.S. focused on creating technology solutions for healthcare.” Netsmart offers CareConnect HIE

software solutions for integrated consumer healthcare, empowering healthcare providers to improve patient safety and enhance public health reporting and monitoring. “Our solutions support federal and state policies and standards for HIE,” asserts Valentine. Besides maintaining the HIE standards, Netsmart has established Health Home with the help of care coordination software partners to help organizations manage all aspects of a consumer’s healthcare. Also, the company helps organizations to determine the next steps required to get involved in a local health home.

In the future, Netsmart aims to help behavioral healthcare organizations connect, participate in HIEs to enhance the quality of care, and—through analytics solutions—aggregate data to provide best practices for health and human services community.