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Neuromonitoring Associates: Empowering Healthcare Providers with Neurodiagnostic Services

Nick Luekenga, CEO & Founder, Neuromonitoring AssociatesNick Luekenga, CEO & Founder, Neuromonitoring Associates
Much like the blood pressure and temperature, patients can expect the real-time monitoring of their neuralstructures during certain complex surgeries. This monitoring helps the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and the entire operating staff understand safe patient positioning, implantation of devices, depth of anesthesia, surgeon navigation, integrity of vital nerves, and much more which allows them to increase the likelihood of a positive surgical outcome. However, sometimes neuromonitoring has often been overlooked. Set against such as backdrop is Nevada-based Neuromonitoring Associates (NMA) that provides Intra-Operative Monitoring (IOM) of the central and peripheral nervous systems during routine and high-risk surgical procedures. IOM as an ancillary service that delivers real-time neurodiagnostic feedback to the surgical team that improves postoperative outcomes, reducing hospital re-admissions, costs and recovery times.

NMA adopts, and develops the latest technology, empowers its team through a specialized academic and practical training, as well as works closely with the Physicians to ensure they get the right information at the right time. This is done when they attach electrodes to the patient’s body and send electric impulses to record how nerve pathways respond to these stimuli. A technologist uses special software to track nerve pathways while a neurologist reads the neural data in real-time. This is done to provide a clear vision on how the delicate nervous system is functioning during surgery which enables better decision making that enhances patient safety and reduces risk. “NMA uses its proprietary and patent pending A.M.P technology to deliver necessary data more clearly, timely and with greater cooperation across the surgical suite,” mentions Nick Luekenga, CEO and Founder of NMA.

Our mission is to advance IOM and improve patient outcomes through innovation and empowered clinicians

NMA’s A.M.P technology boasts of incredible benefits for the hospital, surgeon, and the patient. Surgeon’s rely on A.M.P’s audible and visual feedback which, when combined with NMA’s in room technologists, provides the most comprehensive IOM in the industry. Hospitals across the country are requesting information as they’re looking for opportunities to consolidate vendors, eliminate wasteful spending, all while enhancing consistently improved patient care. A.M.P also has a function, developed by DocOR, enabling the O.R. to communicate, throughout the surgery, with patient loved ones via a secure, HIPAA compliant, app developed for their phones. NMA is unique in their focus and execution on improving the entire surgical and patient experience. “Communication is the key here,” mentions Luekenga.

In addition to NMA’s innovative approach to care, they’ve also taken great strides toward patient advocacy and customer service outside of the operating room. They have a dedicated team, available at all hours, connecting with patients to ensure they understand the procedure, what IOM is, how their benefits will cover the services, and why their surgeon has invited them to help. NMA is even working on gathering data to understand patient overall satisfaction so they can continue to improve. “Our patient advocates are trained in supporting surgeon practices, answering patient questions, alleviating their concerns and most importantly being supportive before and after surgery,” explains Luekenga.

NMA gives credits to their tight nit teams, surgeon clients, and hospital partners across the country for the success of the company. They plan to continue to innovate in the coming years and broaden their services as well. “Our mission is to advance IOM and improve patient outcomes through innovation and empowered clinicians. Life-changing surgery requires compassion, accountability, adaptability, innovation, consistency, with a team of real-time critical thinkers who are endlessly developing for the better. That’s what IOM from NMA is all about,” concludes Luekenga.