3 Telemedicine Trends to Watch in 2020

3 Telemedicine Trends to Watch in 2020

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Telemedicine promises to solve the challenging problems in healthcare, allowing access to care cost-effectively and offering patients access to top-quality care at their fingertips.

FREMONT, CA: Over the last few years, telemedicine services have seen an increased adoption rate of approximately 71 percent. Several reports show that the telemedicine market is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Telemedicine services is the very epitome of technology-driven healthcare and function as a lifeline for millions of people who live in rural areas and do not have access to proper medical facilities. Telemedicine will be worth more than 66 billion dollars by the year 2021. With that being said, here is a look at some trends in telemedicine for beyond. Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Companies - 2020

Improved Technology and Healthcare Apps

Telemedicine is to provide the convenience of communicating with trained medical specialists, but there is always scope to improve patient engagement, especially in the world of healthcare. With app culture so prevalent in the world, improved telemedicine apps that should greatly improve communication between patient and provider can be expected. Apps that personalize the information that a person can pull up with the swipe of a finger can also be expected to appear soon.

Decentralized Healthcare

Today, healthcare professionals are migrating away from larger hospitals and opening up small community-based practices. This trend is set by massive hospitals who offer their more specialized services in decentralized locations. As the world continues to evolve, healthcare professionals who prefer the flexibility that telemedicine offers will continue to drive the decentralization of care.

Robust Cybersecurity Measures

With telemedicine completely relying on technology, cybersecurity has become essential. The healthcare sector is no stranger to cyber threats, but with telemedicine becoming popular, information protection has become a top priority. The world will continue to see drastic changes in the way the telemedicine services go about protecting vital information.

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