3 Ways To Use Automation In Healthcare Sector

3 Ways To Use Automation In Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 28, 2019

Healthcare AutomationTo automate or not to automate is the big question still haunting a lot of traditionally run clinics, but the truth is automation assisted healthcare has become a mandatory requirement in the present society.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare sector is embracing automation for different purposes. There are many benefits to the industry because automation streamlines the work and makes it more easy and comfortable. Its application in the Health care sector that has been especially noteworthy since it has made considerable strides in saving costs, labor, and lives.

So, how is automation leveraging the healthcare industry? Here’s how.

1. Automated Patient Intake Forms

In the healthcare sector, new patients must fill out an intake form on their first visit. Most of the time, patients do not fill-up the form correctly. Incomplete forms leave gaps in the patient’s history, and then the staff has to spend a lot of time to find the correct information. Some practices allow patients to complete the form online at home. Yet, frequently, patients do not have access to a printer or forget to bring the form with them to the visit. The solution is to develop automated intake forms that can be completed on portable devices such as iPads. Once the form has been digitally completed, the healthcare provider has the opportunity to review it even before the patient arrives for the encounter. This not only makes the visit less stressful for the patient, but it also makes the first appointment more efficient at your practice.

2. Automated Appointment Reminders

No-show patients are a universal struggle. Automation technology can solve this problem by automating the patient reminder. It will reduce the number of patients that don’t show up for scheduled appointments. An institute can schedule automated SMS or emails based on the date of patients’ appointments. Sending regular updates can remind patients of their appointments. This process will also provide an opportunity for patients to cancel appointments in advance instead of missing.

3. Automated Patient Receipt

Automation will send receipt automatically after patients submit payments. Whether patients pay in the office before an appointment or are billed online at a later date, using automated emails to deliver receipts can save the valuable time of the staff.

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