4 Healthcare Trends That are Shaping 2020

4 Healthcare Trends That are Shaping 2020

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

There are significant benefits and several opportunities that technology trends bring to the healthcare industry.

FREMONT, CA: Technological innovations in the healthcare sector are changing the face of the industry. All the eyes are on technologies that are going to be the deciding healthcare trends in 2020. The vital factor will be shifted in consumer behavior. People are becoming increasingly comfortable sharing details about their lives through technology. Here is a list of health trends that enable drastic changes in the industry.

Top 10 Healthcare Startups - 2020• Telehealth

Telehealth is evolving rapidly over the past few years and is aiding urgent care facilities greatly. At a time of emergency, telehealth can follow up and treat patients at a distance. Telehealth is extremely efficient in saving the time and effort of both the physician and the patients. The clinician can follow up with the patients virtually, which reduces the stress of last-minute appointments. Hence, telehealth is bringing a new era in the virtual reality of health care.

• Digital Health

Wearables and other smart devices track patients’ sleep patterns, heart rate, calorie intake, or period of exercise. This can help caregivers get a clear picture of the patient’s health status and modify them accordingly. Wearable devices can identify and notify doctors about a patient’s unusual vital measures, which eventually reduces the risks of more complicated ailments. These digital medical devices like wearables, health sensors, and trackers are being used, coupling it with the Internet of things that allows the patients to view their data in their devices.

• Data and Predictive Analytics

Integrating all the data generated from patients suffering from chronic ailments can be a complex task. The rapid improvement in data science and predictive analysis has allowed doctors access to deeper insights like collecting information about ancestry and family history, identifying patients with high risks to diagnose problems in an effective means.

• Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare is greatly impacted by the revolution brought about by artificial intelligence technology. There is no doubt that AI will rule future healthcare trends since it has enhanced diagnostic precision through automatic assistance in the workforce, clinical operation optimization, quantitative imaging, etc. VR-based healthcare solutions with AI-based diagnostics can offer more precise treatments to the patients and help doctors analyze the condition more precisely.

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