4 Strategic Advantages of Using Facilities Management Software

4 Strategic Advantages of Using Facilities Management Software

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, October 16, 2020

Using facilities management software can provide several benefits and savings opportunities to healthcare facilities.

FREMONT, CA: Within the healthcare industry, approximately one-third of healthcare facilities have negative operating margins. Healthcare facility administrators are looking for methods to reduce waste and minimize costs while maintaining and improving the patient experience. Add to that the complexities of construction methods and compliance with regulatory bodies. This is where facilities management software can come in as a partner and significantly impact a hospital’s bottom line. Here are some of the major benefits of using facility management software.

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In the current pandemic situation, healthcare facilities need to ensure top-notch cleanliness and sanitization in their facility. Healthcare facility management software functions like work order software to ensure all cleaning and sanitation activities are thoroughly completed. It tracks work orders and alerts team members when cleaning or sanitization tasks are overdue. Its planning capabilities make sure that cleaning tasks are completed on time and that infections stay contained.

• Easy Accessibility

A good healthcare facility management software offers easy accessibility. Once the facility manager or management team supplements time spent getting settled into the interface, its functions with easy-to-use work order software get employees where they want to be quicker and more efficient. The right hospital facility management software enables them to access, interpret, and learn from it.

• Preventive Maintenance

Facilities management software for hospitals and clinics allows for preventive maintenance. The healthcare facility can’t afford safety assets or emergency generators out of service for too long. Regular preventive maintenance and testing make sure emergency assets would not unexpectedly, and the healthcare facility is always ready with improved patient care in times of emergency.

• Utilization of Resources

Facility management software ensures that healthcare facilities use their buildings and other property resources in the most suitable method. The advanced facility management module features a space optimization software that assists healthcare facilities efficiently use the unused space in the building. Advanced inventory management features allow healthcare facilities to track the availability and know the location of medical equipment and other resources.

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