5 Technologies Advancing Dental Practice Today

5 Technologies Advancing Dental Practice Today

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Advanced dental practices provide better patient experiences and make administrative tasks more manageable.

Fremont, CA: Several breakthroughs have occurred in dentistry since its inception. The dentistry industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are being developed to help dental professionals work more efficiently and provide better patient experiences.

Here are five technologies that are bringing advancement in dental practice:

Digital impressions

Although traditional impression processes and materials are widely employed in dental practices due to their low cost, digital impression technology has a big potential to replace them. Dental professionals can benefit significantly from digital impressions because of their ease of usage, accuracy, and reduced chairside time. Patients gain as well since they eliminate the discomfort associated with traditional impression techniques and materials and have fewer dental appointments. Several dentists are concerned about the higher setup costs, but this technology can pay off in the long run.

CAD/CAM Technology

Since a few years, computer-aided manufacturing has been employed in dentistry. Many dental professionals in their labs have implemented this technique. It has facilitated the design and creation of works in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. According to a survey published in the British Dental Journal, most technicians utilize some type of CAD/CAM in their workflow, and CAD/CAM has influenced the material selection, resulting in a rise in the use of zirconia. However, the high initial investment cost of this technology continues to be a deterrent to its adoption.

Dental implants

Dental implants aren't a novel concept in dentistry. Different systems have been introduced in the dentistry market as a result of developments in design and components. Dental implants are predicted to expand in popularity due to their advantages over traditional dental prosthesis rehabilitation procedures. Due to increased dental tourism, dental implant demand is expected to rise in nations like India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Dubai. In light of the foregoing, incorporating dental implants into the dentistry practice is critical for continued success.

Laser technology

Dental lasers have led to several minimally invasive procedures that are gradually replacing traditional dental surgical procedures. Both soft and hard tissue procedures can benefit from laser treatment. Patients prefer lasers because of benefits such as less bleeding, less post-operative pain/discomfort, faster recovery, and shorter procedure time. The rise of dental tourism in countries such as India, Malaysia, and Mexico, among others, has accelerated the expansion of the dental laser market.

AI and Digitization

In a dental business, automated software makes administrative tasks easier. With appropriate practise management software, patients can schedule appointments, set reminders, communicate with dental labs, and consult dental surgeons. Alexa from Amazon and Siri from Apple are virtual assistants that employ Artificial Intelligence to aid consumers with tiny chores in their daily lives. Similar technologies are making their way into dentistry. This would free up dental practitioners to attend to other patient requirements by reducing the amount of time they spend looking through records.

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