Actipulse Neuroscience Secures a Position at Y Combinator

Actipulse Neuroscience Secures a Position at Y Combinator

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 21, 2022

Actipulse Neuroscience is joining Y Combinator's Winter 22 batch to expedite the advancement of its clinical pipeline, most noticeably the start of its FDA pivotal trial to deliver their proprietary non-invasive brain neuromodulation technology to patients diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in their homes

FREMONT, CA: Neuromodulation is a technology that directly affects nerves. It is the alteration—or modulation—of nerve activity by directly delivering electrical or pharmacological substances to a specific location. Neuromodulation devices and treatments have the potential to transform lives. To recognize mental illness as a brain disease rather than a behavioral disorder or a problem with thinking requires a unique treatment approach. Because these illnesses affect the brain's structure and function, they can be cured by retraining the injured brain to act normally. In addition to better treating patients, neuromodulation tools have the potential to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Actipulse Neuroscience, a Boston- and Mexico City-based firm pioneering non-invasive brain stimulation treatments, has been accepted into Y Combinator, the world's most prestigious startup incubator. The company has been awarded money to advance the global status of mental health by using its unique technologies.

"Actipulse Neuroscience is really proud to be part of Y Combinator," states Adrien Ch¢tillon, CEO and Founder of Actipulse Neuroscience. "This opportunity gives us the chance to advance in our mission of democratizing access to a better and more affordable mental healthcare."

Non-invasive brain stimulation is a widely used, FDA-cleared treatment option for patients diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. However, it is currently only available in a hospital setting due to the treatment's high cost and complexity. Actipulse's patented brain stimulation technology enables patients to be treated in the comfort of their own homes, with comparable efficacy and at a cheaper cost.

The company's mission is to ensure easy access to non-medical, painless, and effective treatment by developing a unique solution to the pandemic's mental health issue. This condition has been recognized as one of COVID-19's most often occurring long-term side effects.

With an alarming 75 percent of persons suffering from depression in high-income nations receiving inadequate care and the recent global surge in diagnosed cases, innovative technology is urgently needed in that sector. Actipulse will use the Y Combinator capital to expedite the development of its clinical pipeline in Major Depressive Disorder and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, where the company has recently reached the pilot study phase.

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