Advantages of a Healthcare Referral System

Advantages of a Healthcare Referral System

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 03, 2022

A solid referral management system can assist healthcare organizations in increasing their overall efficiency. It adds more openness, lowers costs, and improves relationships within the network.

Fremont, CA: A referral system is a useful tool that aids healthcare providers in keeping track of patient referrals. A referral system's major goal is to improve and streamline communication between all parties engaged in the healthcare process, from primary care physicians to super-specialists.

Advantages of a healthcare referral system are:

Prevents Revenue Leakage: There are numerous advantages to using a referral management system. It improves an organization's efficiency and ability to treat patients and reduces revenue leakage, and increases profitability.

Reduced Lead Times: Primary healthcare practitioners frequently refer patients to specialists. According to studies, up to 65 percent of these referrals are unnecessary. This places unreasonable demands on experts, resulting in longer wait times for people who truly require their services. These unwelcome appointments can be avoided with a well-functioning referral system.

Improved healthcare system: The majority of referral management systems are based on value-based care models, which necessitate the use of an integrated communication system in order to maintain a high level of healthcare quality. Docterz, a doctor-made software for doctors, employs an open API interface. This makes it simple to integrate with existing EMR systems.

Better utilization: It benefits both the practitioner and the staff to be able to trace a patient's progress through a referral system. Doctors can see more patients, and wait times for patients are reduced because of online scheduling. It benefits both patients and healthcare providers in this way. Docterz simplifies the entire procedure by combining it into a single application. The provider directories are open to everyone.

Better Patient Access: The referral management system also has the benefit of improving patient access. Patients can plan appointments based on their availability and the availability of the specialist using the system. Patients can use an e-consult option to communicate with specialists if they are unable to visit the doctor or if the situation is not urgent. This improves patient retention and cuts down on referral leakage.



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