AI plays a significant role in various areas of healthcare

AI plays a significant role in various areas of healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The healthcare industry is the area, where artificial intelligence is having a huge impact. It is estimated that spending on AI-based tools in healthcare may exceed $8 billion annually across various healthcare areas. Here are those areas:

Diagnostics support: Healthcare professionals can use AI to improve medical imaging and for other clinical tests. AI can help the professionals to identify the stage of disease. The consulting group estimates that artificial intelligence related diagnostic support can reduce the annual cost in a greater amount.

Remote prevention and care: It is possible to find many physicians are treating patients remotely. In this scenario, the professionals will use wearables and other forms of trigger-alerting devices to track patient health data. The devices used for this action completely use artificial intelligence technology.

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Treatment support: With the help of AI tools, the physicians can easily create individual treatment plans; thereby one can quickly eliminate the potential errors. Developing the right treatment plans automatically lowers the complication risk and improves the outcomes.

Operations: Implementation of AI tools for natural language processing and automatic writing can reduce the time physician spends for paperwork. These tools can also be used with medtech and biopharma to streamline the operations.

Support functions: Other AI tool is beginning to merge with computer vision, neuro-linguistic programming, and voice recognition. Later, these can become automated. Chatbots acts as the perfect example in this case.

Even though they bring many exciting tools, the healthcare providers and the third party suppliers have to care little more in the domain like healthcare, as it involves the use of patient’s data. But, the vital consideration than this is the transparency of how well these systems work. 

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