AI tools for Tackling liver Diseases

AI tools for Tackling liver Diseases

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, January 04, 2019

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to redesign the healthcare industry. It helps medical professionals in designing treatment plans and identifying the best method for every patient. There are already great examples of its use in the medical sector.

Today AI is changing the way medical practitioners managing the liver disease. Previously unanalyzed hospital data are interpreted by AI to consume information that was previously impossible for medical practitioners to digest. Liver disease diagnostic is the best example of this. Previously it was done with the help of painful liver biopsies, where the clinician will insert a needle into the liver to collect sample tissue for diagnosis. With this hepatologists can qualitatively and quantitatively assess and identify liver stiffness, an indicator of liver disease. But with the improved AI technology can bring better image quality which helps clinicians to detect tiny lesions in the liver that may not have seen earlier. This provides improved diagnostic confidence which can help in earlier diagnosis and proper treatment.

Apart from this computerized tomography (CT), a faster image processing technology is gaining popularity in AI computing platforms. They provide better clinical outcomes in detecting liver lesions. This reduces unnecessary follow-ups.

Magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) is another powerful tool to diagnose liver disease providing a fast, quantitative, radiation-free image and measurement of the liver. The image analysis is automated, allows clinicians to have fast, consistent, quantifiable and actionable results in a short time.

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