Aigenpulse launches AI-Driven Pharmaceutical Platform

Aigenpulse launches AI-Driven Pharmaceutical Platform

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Drug discovery is made smarter with the intelligent pharma discovery software solution.

FREMONT, CA: Aigenpulse launches innovative drug discovery technology that is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. This new proprietary technology platform accelerates drug discovery and development. The company's innovative pharmaceutical discovery and development software harness the twin technologies, AI and ML to provide pharmacists and druggists with advanced analytics and the potential to make informed decisions instantly.

The new data agnostic platform allows its users to collect, combine, process, connect, reflect, and simplify the chunks of information from a multitude of sources. This structurally processed data is then laid under one common frame of reference. Novel pharma platform enables users to leverage various data sets in order to derive intelligent and actionable insights into building the predictive blueprint of the result.

The innovation in the domain of drug discovery and development by Aigenpuse facilitates the researchers can not only use the platform and process innumerable datasets but draw insights, weigh, measure, scale, and delete anecdotes as well. The platform offers clear support to druggists and pharmaceutical analysts in carrying out higher value tasks. The new solution also integrates with ELNs and LIMSs, and in house data lakes, to provide a definite and single point of truth.

Technologists state that the new and emerging drug discovery platform is essentially configurable and modular, and hence, it can be tailored according to the demands of pharma experts. In order to cater to various types of data and needs of the business landscape, the solution focuses on a single type approach to scientific data, map it to the data sets and samples at the organizational level and enabling a range of processes such as centralizing, accessing, and auditing repository of data.

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