Alleviated Image Sharing with Medical Image Management Opens New...

Alleviated Image Sharing with Medical Image Management Opens New Healthcare Opportunities

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, March 27, 2020

Organizations across the globe are looking to upgrade their medical image management process, a smart way to value their clients. 

FREMONT, CA: Ambra Health—the makers of the leading medical image management suite—trumpets its integration with Box to facilitate the sharing of medical images directly from within Box's cloud content management platform.

It is a time when healthcare providers are looking for ways to centralize their content in a single management platform. The integration provides a more streamlined workflow for facilities and reduces the number of individual platforms that a user have to log in to. With just one click, users can log-in to their Box account and share images, leading to more opportunities for collaboration. This opportunity for seamless image exchange reduces the use of physical storage devices, improves patient care, and eases clinician's workflow.

Image sharing is critical today. Ambra Health is one pioneering medical image management cloud software company committed to the mission of providing better care through better technology, right at the heart of the care network. The client base of Ambra, including large hospitals, imaging centers, clinical research organizations, and many others are relying on its best breed services to significantly improve medical image management process and workflows in clinical care landscape.

 Healthcare providers around the world are relying on Ambra as the medical image management solution for their customers. Flexible, scalable, and highly interoperable, the Ambra solutions can be integrated and deployed to deliver intuitive solutions that facilitate internal adoption, strengthen collaboration, and significantly improve business outcomes.

Being expert partners, the company give ears to its customers, understand their needs, and apply its extensive knowledge to offer innovative medical image management solutions for the future of healthcare.

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