AllScripts Strives to Make Key Contributions to Precision Medicine...

AllScripts Strives to Make Key Contributions to Precision Medicine Initiative

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CHICAGO: Building on the idea of delivering greater healthcare for U.S. citizens, the government agencies are encouraging the precision medicine approach for disease treatment and prevention. The Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort program that looks forward to achieve a million U.S. participants is ideally based on the objective of facilitating research driven by data sharing in a secured manner. Climbing the bandwagon is Allscripts that has already formed Allscripts Precision Medicine business unit for mapping out the semantic integration of genomic research, personalized data as well as clinical data that is available in electronic health records. Rich Elmore, SVP of Corporate Development and Strategy, and Leigh Burchell, VP of Health Policy and Government Affairs will join President Barack Obama at the White House PMI Summit.

“By inviting patients to contribute their data to ground-breaking research efforts such as the PMI Cohort Program, this collaborative industry effort will speed progress in delivering the benefits of a precision medicine approach to healthcare professionals and patients alike,” Allscripts Chief Executive Officer Paul M. Black said. “Creating a national database with one million patients promises a more data-driven and personalized approach to treatment than exists today, and that is going to mean improved outcomes and a better care experience for patients.”

Allscripts will make contribution to the initiative by doing the dry runs of open, standardized APIs with the company’s FollowMyHealth patient engagement platform that provides a channel for participants to share their data to research.

As part of the National Immunotherapy Coalition, Allscripts will be part of the group that hosts executives from biotech and pharmaceutical companies, academic cancer centers and providers who will contribute in validating the potential of implementing better care practices in the form of combination immunotherapy for cancer patients.

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