Arcadia Research Data Is Now Public On AWS Data Exchange

Arcadia Research Data Is Now Public On AWS Data Exchange

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The new product offering satisfies the need from research groups for de-identified electronic health record data to promote patient care advances.

Fremont, CA: Arcadia is committed to making everyone's days brighter and healthier. It turns data into powerful insights that produce results. They are building a community of innovators to enhance care, maximize value, and address future challenges through partnerships with the nation's leading health institutions, payers, and life science companies.

Arcadia Research Data is now available through AWS Data Exchange, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) industry data solution that makes it simple for customers to access, subscribe to, and use third-party data from various suppliers. It aggregates data distribution via file tables and application programming interfaces (APIs) from over 250 third-party data set sources. AWS Data Exchange, with a broad catalog of 3,000+ data products and simple subscription choices utilizing AWS account credentials, makes it simple for users to ingest third-party data and analyze it using a wide range of AWS data, analytics, and machine learning services.

Research groups can easily make a request to AWS Data Exchange to study and assess a 10,000-patient sample data set from Arcadia. Arcadia Research Data is a repository of de-identified clinical data for almost 50 million patients in the United States. This information is gathered from clients of integrated delivery networks and accountable care organizations utilizing Arcadia's analytical platform.

Arcadia Research Data is based on a current clinical and claims-based patient population set with complete visibility across payers, numerous places of care, and the whole clinical patient journey.

Research organizations may quickly locate and review Arcadia Research Data using AWS Data Exchange to gain insights to support whole-person care. AWS Data Exchange enables businesses to quantify health outcomes, speed research and clinical trial design, and understand the patient sentiment and socioeconomic determinants of health by reducing the friction of finding, obtaining, and using clinical data from several global sources. Researchers can quickly access, subscribe to, and use thousands of diverse real-world data sets and healthcare APIs from a single cloud catalog to generate evidence, identify trends, and speed research.

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