Artificial Intelligence Accelerating Drug Development Process

Artificial Intelligence Accelerating Drug Development Process

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, April 29, 2019

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence (AI) has recently been evolved into a red hot topic in the area of the medical care industry. The biopharmaceutical sector is making efforts to leverage AI to enhance drug discovery and development process and reduce failure rates in clinical trials and ultimately generate superior medicine. It has exciting opportunities to flourish in the biopharmaceutical arena.

Computational solutions in drug discovery help reduce the cost of introducing drugs to the market. The technological shift to AI enables researchers to use novel computational algorithms to support the process. The biomedical data is highly complex and algorithms applied to enhance this understanding process. The computational potential has been used to aid drug design also as AI can learn to make associations for itself and identify which molecules are likely to be successful for the desired application.

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AI can be leveraged to three specific areas including target identification, lead optimization, and screening drug candidates. Target identification involves validation of the targetable regions for lead identification and compound screening and algorithms can assist in simulations, binding and drug availability. Screening drug candidates use an algorithm for pattern recognition to help scientists in identifying unusual patterns in large data sets.

Ensuring drug safety is one of the critical challenges in the drug development process. Interpreting data on the known effects of drugs and predicting their side effects are challenging tasks. Scientists from research institutions and pharmaceutical companies have been trying to use AI to get meaningful information from clinical data obtained in clinical trials. Interpretation of this data in the context of drug safety is an active area of research.

Despite the promise of these AI fueled software programs, AI-assisted treatments have not yet made to healthcare centers. AI is not a quick fix to solve all the challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. If experts can continue the development of AI, it will be a paradigm-shifting technology; otherwise, a little step that helps scientists help in their drug discovery quest.

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