As Technology Matures, Digital Assistants are Giving Makeover

As Technology Matures, Digital Assistants are Giving Makeover

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

With increase in technological advancements, the voice assistants are becoming a boon to provide better healthcare information. 

FREMONT, CA- For every healthcare organization, HIPAA compliance is a challenge. Amazon has announced that Alexa will be having HIPAA compliant features. This feature will enable consumers to access their individual health information via a voice command. It will become an easy access for the patients to keep updates on their health conditions.

As capacities grow, more questions about the integrity of patient data are expected from some observers. Voice assistants help patients and care providers with the necessary information, but they should also learn how to manage the information. Users must be satisfied that these systems are reliable in the way they collect, store and use information, particularly when it comes to electronic health records.

Digital Assistants are Ideal for Humans

Patients were allowed to make same-day medical appointments and manage their healthcare visits by using Alexa-enabled devices. Voice, however, is still in its early stages, for the non-healthcare sector as well. It is still being experimented with by consumers. The primary goal is to know the user experience from their behavior and how they operate and use the stored information that needs to be completely saved over time.

Many companies have collaborated with Amazon and few have started their own virtual assistants. Companies are working on this topic so that they can remain updated and survive in this competitive environment.  Apps are being developed to provide primary medications to patients. Along with this, apps provide heart related information for cardiac patients.

Health plans are looking for ways to collect and incorporate old and new information into an infrastructure that drives a better member experience and decreases care costs in the extremely competitive and low-growth employer segment.

There is no doubt that apps driven by AI are here to remain in all healthcare subsectors. There is also no doubt that health plans face threats in expanding and maintaining membership, particularly within the section of employers.

While integrating healthcare technology is only one step in a much longer journey, health plans should bear in mind that they concentrate their Artificial Intelligence (AI) efforts where they resonate most.

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