Assisting Healthcare Facilities Overcome their Supply Chain Challenges

Assisting Healthcare Facilities Overcome their Supply Chain Challenges

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Quantzig’s healthcare analysis solutions help its customers, including pharmaceutical companies in regard to healthcare devices, diagnostics, and medical devices, to address key challenges and reduce costs. In order to make the healthcare industry imperative for the regulatory pressures and ever-changing market dynamics, frequent innovations such as health analytics must also be introduced, and improved clinical results must be sought. Those involved across the entire continuum of healthcare are looking for information on the cost of care and the quality of services with the transitional healthcare landscape and the rapidly increasing focus on advanced technology.

Quantzig offers a portfolio of health analytics solutions and domain expertise that encompasses integrating electronic medical registers, clinical studies, hospital records, medical records, and pharmaceutical data, creating consolidated and actionable insights, mitigating, and resolving medical cost issues, claim processing, and improved payment accuracy. The changing population in the healthcare field and the cost and revenue potential associated with patient experience ensure that healthcare organizations get the maximum marketing and sales support and insight from each customer relationship and interaction. Quantzig offers solutions for the healthcare sector for sales and marketing analytics which provide evidence-based insights for better options and the end result of all commercial operations.

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There is a need for analytics-based insights to assist information-based decision making in all supply chain and operations activities, with increased regulatory restrictions, compliance requirements, investment manufacturing, and distribution capabilities across geographies. Quantzig assists healthcare organizations through specialized algorithms, tools, and models to manage all their supply chains and operational issues

Quantzig has announced that it will complete its article on the best ways to reduce healthcare costs by effectively implementing healthcare data analytics. While in an area with huge opportunities for growth, healthcare organizations must face the challenges like changes to regulations and policies, progress in the fields of medicine and technology, increased cost, personnel, and trained personnel, maintain effective operations and services, and support other health initiatives. In the United States, healthcare costs in relation to any other developing country are disproportionately high. Many factors, like costly new diagnostic tests and treatments, administrative costs, malpractice, and medicines, contribute to increased costs. Co-payments and allowances also become costly, and employers have a greater burden to pay insurance fees by cutting their employees’ salaries. Patient variation and care-related wastes often lead to higher care costs. Various methods including LEAN and Six Sigma for improving the quality of healthcare processes can be used for analyzing health data for treatments.

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