Autonomous Cybersecurity Company Hmatix Emerges from Stealth with...

Autonomous Cybersecurity Company Hmatix Emerges from Stealth with $500K in Seed Funding

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SUNNYVALE, CALIF: Hmatix Inc, a cybersecurity company focused on cyber attacks on medical devices and industrial IoT, has emerged from stealth and announced it has raised $500K in seed-stage funding. The company, founded in 2017 by industry experts, is led by CEO Dev Gandhi. Gandhi previously was co-founder of Nexage, which AOL- Millennial Media, now Verizon, acquired in 2015. 

Today Hmatix is officially launching the first autonomous, hardware-based, endpoint cybersecurity solution for industrial IoT. It provides hospital and industrial IT departments a unique way to directly protect their network and IoT devices from cyber attacks and ransomware. 

We are excited to bring this innovative new cybersecurity solution that adapts to the changing security perimeter, said Dev Gandhi. We believe we have the only truly effective comprehensive endpoint cybersecurity solution. 

"Its important for any cybersecurity solution to be nimble and react quickly to or anticipate evolving threats. Complexity is the number one enemy of security. This is where we stand out from rest of the crowd", said Sunil Menon, Chief Product Officer at Hmatix. 

Hmatix secures IoT endpoints with autonomous protection, detection, and response. Protection is provided by automatically learning device behavior to create a baseline of network traffic. The system detects anomalies with low-false positives due to the proximity of the connected device. Response happens automatically by blocking traffic in real-time, disrupting potential attacks. 

— Compared to micro-segmentation and firewalls, Hmatix automates rule creation and maintenance to lower administrative overhead.

— Compared to centralized IDS/IPS, Hmatix generates less noise and doesnt rely on 3rd party integration to block threats, resulting in lower MTTR.

— Compared to agent-based endpoint security, Hmatix protects any OS or platform and cannot be tampered with by malicious software. 

Hmatix reduces MTTR and management cost because it has autonomous configuration and response and has a low false positive rate because it automatically learns device specific behavior. 

Hmatix helps organizations reach NIST Cybersecurity Framework Tier 4.



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