Backpack Health Provides Added Data Management Features to Health...

Backpack Health Provides Added Data Management Features to Health Documentation

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Backpack Health, is a new wave in the health industry, building tools to help people manage their health journey adds to the data management platform to automatically integrate user's electronic health records with their consent, into their personal backpack accounts, providing users with full control of all their health information in a centralized manner. The feature also offers researchers, and foundations access to de-identifies clinically validated information, providing them with a comprehensive view of a patient's health and contributing to the advancement of treatment and cures.

By centralizing all of the user's personal health information, Backpack strives to empower patients by breaking down silos and giving users full control of their information—a critical step towards full patient control of data. The new functionality also supports the patients by displaying a complete and accurate record that provides an opportunity for researchers to compare EMR information with observations from patients or family caregivers.

The new ability of patient engagement tool allow users to search for their doctor, pharmacy, or lab portal and connect health records – only those they choose – with their personal Backpack Health account. Once integrated with the data source, it will automatically search for new information and keep user' s record up to date.

Backpack Health's mobile platform serves both patient communities as well as the medical industry and is used, in over 80 countries. The well-defined data provided by the tool can provide foundations and companies to fill the information gaps for the full picture of patients' health needs.

The health tech industry is undergoing a seismic shift in modernization and funding. The promise of technology to innovate and update the industry is a result of the need for greater efficiency in healthcare delivery, the rapid growth of processing power that enables big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

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