Biolog-Id Makes Improvements To Value-Chain Optimization Platform

Biolog-Id Makes Improvements To Value-Chain Optimization Platform

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, April 29, 2022

Biolog-id creates value-chain optimization systems that create, gather, and aggregate high-quality data for high-value, high-impact products to drive operational, commercial, and clinical impact.

FREMONT, CA: Strategic relationships between business partners result in integrated value chains, which provide a competitive advantage. Such strategic collaborations necessitate outsourcing or re-engineering the parties' business operations.

Biolog-id, a digital health solution provider specializing in value-chain optimization, said that user-access data had been added to its integrated platform for value-chain optimization. The enhancements represent a significant improvement in blood product chain-of-custody management, with significant potential benefits for hospitals that manage blood products outside the blood bank.

The new feature connects several data sources to improve blood component visibility, documentation, and control as they travel through the supply chain to the patient. The Biolog-ids user-access system and Smart Storage shelves give real-time data on all aspects of blood component inventory, decreasing waste and expediting patient delivery.

“Our new functionality facilitates the storage of blood components in key procedural areas, increasing the speed of administration of these life-saving products to the patients who need them," said Troy L. Hilsenroth, CEO of Biolog-id. These enhancements are a great example of our ability to leverage the flexibility of our integrated platform to continuously deliver additional value to our customers and their patients."

“We can deploy this functionality in conjunction with various user-access technologies, supporting the ability to selectively lock, unlock and monitor remote storage locations," said Amit Mayer, Chief Innovation Officer at Biolog-id. “Moreover, we are developing additional ways to leverage this capability to drive more value for our customers in collaboration with major players in the blood banking industry."

The new functionality combines intelligent user access with action-generated product data to improve blood product chain-of-custody documentation and control.

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