Biotage Unveils the New Microelution Sample Preparation Workstation

Biotage Unveils the New Microelution Sample Preparation Workstation

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, June 10, 2021

Biotage announces the new Biotage Extrahera LV-200, a compact, automated sample preparation workstation.

FREMONT, CA: Biotage is happy to announce the release of the new Biotage Extrahera LV-200, a compact, automated sample preparation workstation devoted to 96 well arrays for microelution technologies and conventional Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Phospholipid Detection (PLD), and Protein Precipitation (PPT) formats.

The latest Biotage Extrahera LV-200 workstation is a GLP-compliant solution for 96 well arrays used in microelution technologies. The LV-200's 8-channel pipette head allows it to precisely aspirate and dispenses low volumes ranging from 5-800 mL. Within SLE or SPE workflows, the innovative system will enable users to optimize pipetting by choosing up to three different pipette tip configurations. In addition, the system comes pre-programmed with Biotage application notes, user-friendly prompts to help in method building, and innovative features such as SMART pipetting to prohibit aspirating air into samples and comprehensive clean-up techniques for biological fluids.

The Biotage Extrahera LV-200 workstation, like its predecessor, has a low-maintenance design, an intuitive software interface, and improved data management tools. In addition, when customer laboratory space is limited, the system's small footprint allows customers to maximize laboratory space.

"Biotage Extrahera workstations have become reliable workhorses within forensic, clinical, and doping laboratories worldwide. At their heart is a robust positive pressure system for the consistent processing of all samples. The new Biotage Extrahera LV-200 will help to transform automated sample preparation through its precision engineering, intuitive software, and flexible column/plate formats," said Dan Menasco, Ph.D., Global Product Manager, Biotage.

Biotage is a Global Impact Tech organization dedicated to resolving societal issues. Customers can rely on them for workflow solutions and products in drug discovery and development, analytical testing, and water and environmental testing.

Biotage is contributing to sustainable science to make the world healthier, greener, and cleaner – HumanKind Unlimited.

Their customers come from different type of industries, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, contract research and manufacturing, clinical, forensic, and academic laboratories, and even organizations concerned with food safety, clean water, and environmental sustainability.

Biotage is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, and employs approximately 485 people globally.

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