Blockchain Approach to Cybersecurity

Blockchain Approach to Cybersecurity

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

In a digital environment where cybersecurity faces profound challenges going forward, trust is the key to every business venture. Lately, blockchain has been on a steamroll in innovating the tech field. Blockchain’s approach to storing and sharing information provides an effective way to tackle security threats. So, healthcare companies have started to look at this technology for relevant issues such as storing electronic health records (EHRs).

Evidently, the future holds a plethora of use cases such as for businesses struggling with IoT security issues, for which blockchain could be of great aid. Blockchain’s integral defense against data tampering is engaging from an IoT data governance perspective, as enterprises face increasing concerns about data security as information transfers between IoT devices and the cloud. Blockchain can provide a well-built technique to verify the identities of IoT devices and check malicious hackers from corrupting critical data streams.

As a lot of devices and data is connected to the internet these days, unpredicted cybersecurity threats could be expected in the future. Blockchain is a potential tool that coders can leverage to strengthen their systems against the various kinds of threats. A Blockchain application can store the original data and can verify other duplicates by running hashing algorithms and comparing the results with what is stored. And if data is manipulated, it will be revealed. Thus, maintaining trust in digital transactions is more critical than ever. Accordingly, blockchain might well represent a good opportunity for enterprises to carry out business with greater confidence, security, and transparency.  

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