Blockchain Enabled EHR: The Future trend in Healthcare System

Blockchain Enabled EHR: The Future trend in Healthcare System

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, December 14, 2018

Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) is a digital database of a patient’s health data. This digital database can be accessed by doctors and surgeons to know about a patient’s health history giving them a greater insight into the patient's medical condition. EHR hold all details associated with a patient’s health such as medicines, diseases, prescriptions, doctors, visit detail, allergies; every minute detail is part of this database. Blockchain technology enhances the management of this database leveraging storage for a longer period of time, eliminating tempering with data and faster processing speed. Patients will have full control over their data and can authorize individuals such as doctors and clinical staff to access it.

Impact of Blockchain on Healthcare

• Blockchain ledgers allow the patient’s track the activities taking place over their data. Also, from all around the world they will be capable of accessing their data in real-time leveraging them to get better medical assistance at any point in time. By providing access to the database, patients would also take medical help from physicians around the globe without any geographical movement. Best medical facilities will be easier to avail.

• Healthcare systems will be improvised with outcomes of medical research conducted on real-time data obtained from blockchain ledgers. Traits of new diseases will be predicted and their medications will be in ready hand whenever required.

• Decentralized data storage will terminate rule over data allowing research organizations to access larger volumes of information more precise results. Also, cyberspace will be utilized proficiently leading faster processing of transactions.

• Immutability, a feature that restricts modification and tampering of data within blockchain ledger would be an asset for proper management of data and its long life. Each transaction made with data will also become a part of chain providing to track activities with data.

• The government with also be benefitted as they no longer will have to conduct surveys and campaign to acquire healthcare data. With the data available on blockchain government would be able to predict epidemics and prevent them timely with a suitable cure. Much effective Healthcare missions can be carried out as they would deal with the real-time health issues.   

• Blockchain technology holds the potential to revolutionize healthcare management system with much precision and accuracy than present EHRs. Digital processing of information aids faster and accurate outcomes; also it being combined with artificial intelligence provides accurate insights into medical treatment.

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