Blockchain for a Better Healthcare: Here's How

Blockchain for a Better Healthcare: Here's How

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Blockchain technology has created a huge impact on the healthcare industry forcing its transformation. Blockchain technology is being leveraged in different sectors that are related to information technology and AI. According to the industry needs and peculiarities, the network of blocks is growing and changing.

Blockchain secures the medicine-related data storage and provides healthcare software in the healthcare market. The blockchain technology can improve the medicine manufacturing process and control. This technology strengthens the medicine manufacturing process by recording and storing the parameters. According to the stored parameters, it makes automatic decisions on production and shipment delivered.

Blockchain plays a vital role in maintaining the temperature of the pharmaceutical products. The information is being tracked continuously by using the temperature loggers transmitting the temperature history, and smart contracts determine the stability of the pharmaceutical products. The specific temperature range is maintained on the pharmaceutical products across the warehouse, shipment, and dispensing.

Blockchain technology is present in file transfer in clinical trials, patients’ data, and pharmaceutical history storage. Many innovative projects on healthcare are created using blockchain technology. Few of the healthcare startups offering solutions using this technology are MedRec, MediLedger, ConnectingCare, and Robomed Network.

MedRec saves the digital family history of medical records; The MediLedger strengthens the track-and-trace capabilities for prescribed medicine; ConnectingCare allows different organizations to access the same data for the shared patients. Robomed Network provides adequate medical care that connects the patients and healthcare service providers using smart contracts.

The deployment of blockchain technology provides smart storing of data, facilitates different transactions, and monitors the device temperature. Blockchain also controls the medical appliances, delivers better patient care, and helps with researches. Deploying the technology leads to faster and efficient problem-solving in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and healthcare institutions.

Utilization of this technology will enable sharing a vast amount of data between millions of individuals and health care providers with high level of security and privacy. It will pave the way for good health due to the timely prevention of diseases.


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