BrightCloud and SAM Group to Come Up with Innovative Telerehab...

BrightCloud and SAM Group to Come Up with Innovative Telerehab Solution Together

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 21, 2022

Bright Cloud International and SAM Group form a strategic partnership to develop an innovative telerehabilitation solution: BrightBrainer (TM)

FREMONT, CA: Before the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, numerous jurisdictions recognized telerehab as a viable alternative to standard in-clinic procedures. Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, many jurisdictions have deregulated the rules governing telerehab, allowing patients to continue with their current therapy plan while following shelter-in-place and social separation orders. BRIGHT CLOUD INTERNATIONAL and SAM GROUP have formed a strategic alliance to drive innovation in the $363 billion post-acute care market.

BRIGHT CLOUD has been granted nine patents for ground-breaking technologies in the areas of in-home Telerehab and post-acute digital health, with three additional patents pending. They have completed 10 Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials, most of which were first-of-their-kind. This ground-breaking work benefited a diverse range of upper extremity mobility problems and may also have cognitive deficiencies. These individuals include those who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury and those who have dementia or chronic pain.

"In one of our trials, we demonstrated statistically significant improvement in decision-making in nursing home long-term residents with dementia after six weeks of using BrightBrainerTM," states Grigore (Greg) Burdea, Ph.D., BRIGHT CLOUD's Founder and CTO, "and we were able to correctly diagnose cognitive impairment in 80 percent of cases in a group affected by Alzheimer's and Dementia. BrightBrainerTM has also shown statistically significant improvement in shoulder movement range and strength, arms reach, grasp strength and focus ability as well as reduced depression severity in stroke patients and breast cancer survivors."

"Poor rehabilitation continuity for post-acute patients has been a significant problem that has only gotten worse since the pandemic," states Lynn Lamprecht, President of SAM GROUP. "The BrightBrainerTM system is a two-way portal for patients to engage with their physical therapist and virtual care team 24/7 through their TV and play custom interactive games that engage, measure, and clinically improve the patient's mental and physical function. Our team believes that the sky is the limit for using BrightBrainerTM in both in-home and facility settings."

Edward Berde, BRIGHT CLOUD's CEO, states, "Clinical therapy disguised as games played by patients in their homes is motivating and substantially more intensive than facility-based rehab. Our BrightBrainer" ¢ home trials showed a remarkable 90 percent adherence to therapy."

"BrightBrainerTM is a great complement to the Aging-in-Place solutions we are launching in the U.S. home healthcare market. It aligns with our mission at SAM GROUP to build strategic partnerships between home healthcare and traditional healthcare as a natural progression of the Patient-Centered Medical Home care model, concludes Lynn Lamprecht.

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