Bryte Raises $24M in Series A Funding Led by ARCHina Capital

Bryte Raises $24M in Series A Funding Led by ARCHina Capital

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 25, 2021

With the latest funding round, Bryte’s global license partners and expanding hotel networks are poised to propel restorative sleep technology from a nascent promise to the new standard for sleep at scale.

FREMONT, CA: Bryte, the pioneer in AI-powered restorative sleep technology, announces $24M in Series A funding led by ARCHina Capital. Bryte also adds ARCHina’s Co-Founder Amy Huang to the board. Huang is known for investments in Luminar, the platform leading the autonomous vehicle sector, and Carbon, the 3D printing platform changing smart manufacturing.  Additional investors ARE John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe, and Dave Mooring, former President of Rambus.

Bryte, best known for developing the advanced AI-connected and robotics-based bed, has recently rolled out its platform to license its patented restorative sleep technology as a turn-key solution to boost widespread adoption across mattress manufacturers at scale. Bryte is now engaged with many global mattress manufacturers, and funding will go towards R&D and expansion across markets and price points.

Bryte platform will increase the restorative sleep tech revolution for the whole $432bn sleep industry. Luminar is increasing autonomous driving adoption across automakers, and Carbon boosts mass customization in the manufacturing industry. Bryte’s in-bed technology measures learn and apply what each sleeper needs to streamline their restorative sleep through real-time control of temperature, pressure, and room environment. The success of Bryte’s product - The Restorative Bed, shows the platform's potential to enhance restorative sleep by increasing total sleep time, bettering sleep efficiency, and optimizing the Light, Deep, and REM sleep for each sleeper.

Bryte’s sleepers can have a personalized sleep experience, with firmness and temperature configured to each sleeper separately.  With in-built sensors and computer-controlled pneumatic coils, the bed learns each sleeper, keeps track of sleep quality, senses pressure points and temperature, and makes optimum comfort adjustments. The bed helps users fall asleep with multi-sensory relaxation. Upon waking, users get a full analysis of their night’s sleep. Bryte has collaborated with five-star hotels, wellness resorts, and hospitality companies to offer Bryte Restorative Beds for guests.  Inspirato Founder Brad Handler has also invested in Bryte.

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