Calgary's Zamplo App Reshapes Medical Research to Solve the World's...

Calgary's Zamplo App Reshapes Medical Research to Solve the World's Most Challenging Health Problems Faster

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, June 18, 2021

Zamplo is a first-of-its-kind app that enables individuals to track and analyse their health data and connect with medical researchers worldwide while retaining a copy for future use.

FREMONT, CA: With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to hinder clinical trials worldwide due to social distancing restrictions, Calgary-based start-up Zamplo collaborates with participants and medical researchers worldwide to enable the continuation of critical medical studies remotely.

Shaneel Pathak, the app's founder, is inspired by the difficulties he faced alongside his late wife, who was diagnosed with Stage-4 lung cancer in 2013. Shaneel learned firsthand during their four-year journey navigating the healthcare system that few digital tools were available to consolidate disparate information from various healthcare providers for himself, his family, and their care team.

Zamplo enables caregivers and patients with chronic or complex health conditions to track and coordinate all of their health information in one convenient location, including medication, personal medical notes and contact information, and symptoms. Additionally, users of the app have the opportunity to connect with medical researchers from around the world who are developing new treatments, conducting clinical trials, and researching some of society's most pressing health issues. This gives researchers global access to potential trial participants in exchange for participants retaining a copy of their research data, a feature that is unique to Zamplo.

“Since participant databases are often owned by organizations conducting specific trials, recruiting enough participants for a clinical trial to proceed can be the largest hurdle medical researchers face,” says Utkarsh Subnis, Senior Medical Science Liaison for Zamplo. “Because Zamplo provides users with the option to securely share information about their medical conditions, the app then becomes a valuable tool for researchers to find potential participants.”

Zamplo partners with radiation oncologists Dr. Philp Wong and Dr. Aisling Barry of Toronto's Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to evaluate wearable technologies used by Canadian and American space agencies to assess palliative patients' quality of life and treatment response and life span estimation. Additionally, study participants will be asked to log their health symptoms, data, and scans in the secure Zamplo platform, which will provide researchers with real-time data and make remote communication with patients simple. My Health Routines, for example, enables patients and caregivers to quickly and easily record medication doses, symptom severity, and health data, providing researchers with highly robust and high-quality data.

“The Zamplo research tool will help us improve our understanding of the patient experience as they progress through palliative care,” says Dr. Wong. “This is an area that needs far more research, and with a remote digital tool such as Zamplo, its easier for our patients to participate in the study from any location, share information with us quickly and feel more connected to the work were doing.”

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