Caravan Health Introduced Stratum Med ACO

Caravan Health Introduced Stratum Med ACO

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lynn Barr, Founder & CEO

The platform formed by the collaborative alliance of physicians can better serve the patients and will accelerate the income of ACOs.

FREMONT, CA: Caravan Health, a provider of successful accountable care and population health programs for more than 250 community health systems, launches new collaborative ACO with Stratum Med. Under the company’s collaborative ACO model, new Pathways to Success Accountable Care Organization (ACO) named Stratum Med ACO is formed by an association of seven high-performing physician groups.

Incorporated in 1996, Stratum Med is a physician-governed medical group collaboratively. It has expanded nationally with approximately 80 member medical groups participating in Stratum programs representing over 10,000 physicians. Stratum Med has become an excellent platform for like-minded, high-performing medical groups. They are focusing to leverage volume across everyday expense items to provide cost-effective care and to incubate business opportunities.

The Stratum Med ACO is formed in partnership with Caravan health by seven of its key members. The inaugural participants are Carle Foundation Hospital based in Champaign, IL; Christie Clinic in Champaign, IL; Confluence Health in Wenatchee, WA; Hutchinson Clinic in Hutchinson, KS; Jefferson City Medical Group in Jefferson City, MO; McFarland Clinic in Ames, IA; and The Iowa Clinic in West Des Moines, IA. This new organization consists of the most active performing physician practices ranging from independent midsize physician groups to large integrated health systems.

“Our ACO is made up of high-performing, like-minded, physician-led organizations with a demonstrated history of success in the markets we individually serve,” said Andrew Perry, CEO, McFarland Clinic in Ames, IA and Board Chair, Stratum Med. “Over the past 15 to 20 years, our groups have established a deep understanding and a sustained level of trust with one another, and we are excited to collaborate on a broader, national scale utilizing our skills in managing risk.”

To strengthen the connection between these physician-driven organizations, collaborative Stratum Med ACO will become a perfect platform. The Independent providers will gain the benefits by joining together into collaborative ACOs. The independent community health systems come together to form larger ACOs. This collaboration can accelerate the financial results of ACOs, even if they are doing the hard work of practice transformation.

“We are helping community hospitals and associated physicians work together, by assisting them in building clinically integrated networks to serve a community,” says Lynn Barr, Founder & CEO, Caravan Health. She explains further, “We have a collaborative learning network, where we generate insights from data and offer advice to clinicians on how to progress. It is the perfect premises for everyone to learn from each other during collaborative moments.” Caravan Health was featured in Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2017.

The main aim of Caravan Health is to provide simple, successful, and sustainable solutions for providers under an ACO model. They possess a prominent name in the healthcare transformation movement, and their solutions provide patient care, lower healthcare costs, and ensure a better financial future. Healthcare collaboration is changing the scenario of healthcare technology, and it will also prove beneficial for both the patients and the medical staff.

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