CarePredict and CareWorx Teams Up to Provide AI Solutions for...

CarePredict and CareWorx Teams Up to Provide AI Solutions for Senior Care Facilities

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, April 19, 2019

Empowering the quality of life for aging people is a demanding task. To tackle this with better care for seniors CarePredict— a U.S. based AI fueled digital health company—has announced its partnership with CareWorx a technology solutions and service provider to offer AI solutions for senior care facilities.

On the premise that the health declines in seniors based on the changes in the daily activity patterns, CarePredict utilizes sensors and smart wearables to collect rich datasets on the daily activities including eating, drinking, sleeping, walking, grooming and so on. To classify these data machine learning and neural nets are used.  CarePredict's end-to-end solution uses the senior demographics’ existing WiFi to collect the activity data and trigger instant alerts autonomously. The company also uses proprietary technology to provide communication that enables older residents to interact directly with the caregiver.

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CareWorx claims itself to be a provider of devices and IT services —in over 5,000 facilities across North America—as a comprehensive technology solutions for senior care including wireless strategy, implementation, and support. In addition to this, the company facilitates senior care communities with greater flexibility in technology planning and Wi-Fi reducing up-front costs. 

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