Cipherhealth Accelerates Innovation, Transformation, And...

Cipherhealth Accelerates Innovation, Transformation, And Consolidation To Help Leading Hospitals Meet Industry Challenges

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 29, 2022

Leading patient engagement company, CipherHealth celebrates product innovation, deal growth, performance improvements, and industry awards recognition.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare providers are responsible for ensuring that the patient receives the most effective treatment outcome possible. It is all about improving health outcomes that patient engagement is all about. Engaged patients will be more serious about their health and well-being, follow treatment plans as advised and achieve health goals. CipherHealth is a renowned innovator and one of the leaders in patient-centered communications, engagement, and insights for the top healthcare systems in the country.

CipherHealth is prepared to assist top hospitals in meeting the challenges of a sector marked by accelerating innovation, change, and consolidation after securing a slate of new high-profile customers in 2022 while simultaneously releasing strategic new technologies and solution updates.

"As we roll into the latter half of the year, I'm awed by the grit and focus of our team, enabling us to grow our business, rapidly innovate, and better serve the needs of our customers and the healthcare industry at large. From new partnerships and product innovations to recognition in peer-reviewed journals and industry-leading publications, it's clear that we continue to be the first name in healthcare patient engagement."  says Jake Pyles Chief Executive Officer of CipherHealth.

More than 500 of the top hospitals in the country are among CipherHealth's clients, and since the year 2020, each of them has seen unheard-of disruption. In the industry, consumerism has taken on the status quo, making next-generation data and analytics a requirement rather than a nice-to-have and elevating patient experience to a C-level mandate.

"From every angle, the last several months have been remarkable for our team at CipherHealth. We're excited to continue this work, bolstered by a growth plan that's more customer-focused than ever before, and with wind from industry recognition and third-party validation at our back." says Summer Brown, Chief Customer Officer.

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