Clarify Health Produces Groundbreaking Solutions for Clinical Trials

Clarify Health Produces Groundbreaking Solutions for Clinical Trials

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, June 06, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Clarify Health Solutions, Inc., a frontrunner in care optimization and advanced healthcare analytics, has introduced predictive analytics solutions in the field of clinical development. To tackle the gravest issues impacting healthcare operators and life sciences organizations, Clarify’s solutions offer actionable discernments to optimize patient care, risk management, and acceleration of time for therapies and devices.

Clarify’s resolutions are fueled by a mounting patient-level data set encircling over 200 million lives and integrating clinical, instructional, and socio-behavioral determinants of health data. The organization has built an introductory analytics platform power-driven by a technology pile that is used by internet retailers and banks. This analytics platform, in turn, enables the quicker and more targeted deployment of AI and ML to distribute actionable and extrapolative insights on patient journeys.

Healthcare is becoming more personalized with time, but providers lack granular, patient-level insights. Clarify has taken the same technology found across logistics, banking, and consumer industries and generated a solution that predicts patient risk more precisely. As a result, analysts have been liberated from pivot tables and structured query language (SQL) inquiries, disengaging themselves in considerable capacity.

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In today’s speedily changing healthcare scenario, payers are contested with the creation of elevated quality, low price provider networks while altogether distributing personalized experiences and improving care quality. Clarify’s new solutions can assist payers in envisaging patient risks and recognizing the highest-performing operators to incorporate within their networks. Clarify’s contributions are also intended to help market access, commercial, and health affairs teams collect comprehensive insights on patients. The teams then prioritize product launches and develop methods to upgrade performances, to communicate benefits to providers.

The company is also looking for methods to accelerate assessment timelines to bring therapies to the market faster. Most firms frequently have access to a considerable amount of data and analytics, but the integration of data and the manufacture of significant predictions and insights at scale has proved challenging for them. Clarify is excited to support the customers in conducting more competent clinical trials and achieving a sturdier understanding of their patients, therapies, and markets.

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