Cloudbreak Health Partners with Oneview Healthcare

Cloudbreak Health Partners with Oneview Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cloudbreak Health Collaborated with Oneview Healthcare to offer patients and providers a unified solution to overcome language barriers in healthcare.

FREMONT, CA: Cloudbreak Health is a prominent unified telemedicine and video medical interpretation solution provider. The company has announced a new partnership with Oneview Healthcare, a healthcare technology organization bringing digital services to the point of care. The collaboration will allow Martti, Cloudbreak’s video remote interpretation (VRI) services, within Oneview’s virtual care platform to offer patients and providers a unified solution through which they can overcome language barriers in healthcare.

As the healthcare industry has started to look beyond the pandemic, several institutions will try to develop their temporary telehealth fixes into scalable, adaptable, and enterprise-driven solutions. Integrations are determining the future of strategic digital solutions, and the collaboration of CloudbreakOneview makes for a great example. Combining Cloudbreak’s language access with Oneview’s robust, patient-centered platform will help put health equity at the forefront of care. After the continuous exposure of healthcare disparities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this transformation in focus will assist the healthcare institutions in taking advantage of the digital transformation of healthcare.

According to Cloudbreak CEO Jamey Edwards, open and trusted communication is essential for empowering patients and clinical teams at the point of care. With the evolution of telehealth, it will ensure that healthcare equity and language access become a significant priority at health systems nationwide. The company is enthusiastic about collaborating with Oneview to bridge the gap in health equity at the bedside.

Oneview’s enterprise-level healthcare platform will bring digital services to the point of care with dedicated touch and TV devices. It will provide the patients and families more control, free time for the care team, and even decrease hospital leadership complexity. CloudBreak’sMartti service will be installed on Oneview always-on devices at the bedside so that it becomes easier to connect to language services during hospital stays.

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