Cognitive Intelligence and Human Reasoning with Beyond Limits

Cognitive Intelligence and Human Reasoning with Beyond Limits

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, January 21, 2019

In order to accelerate the deployment of Beyond Limits cognitive AI technology to monitor patients, to promote clinical decision making, population health, drug findings, and other vital programs, the company’s board will provide medical, science, and technical guidance. Cognitive AI systems are built beyond limits which interpret large quantities of data from different sources in order to produce actionable data. In order to better understand and customize treatment suggestions, the systems can be explained with historical patient data, laboratory results, diagram notes, real-time sensor surveillance, evidence-based clinical guidelines, and drug interaction. Since medical decisions are important and often costly, an AI system must be able to explain its thought process and conclusions.

In contrast to conventional black box approaches such as machine learning, deep learning or neural networks which cannot explain their reasoning, cognitive AI provides clear explanations of its cognitive rationale, including risks, and uncertainty, in transparent, evidence-based audit trails. In order to increase understanding, inform decision making, and reduce health risk, Beyond Limits cognitive AI technology combines conventional numerical AI with advanced symbolic logic for reasoning similar to humanity. The technology of the company is regarded as a cognitive leap, past conventional AIs, in the perception, understanding, correlation, apprentice, teaching, reasoning, and problem-solving at a faster pace.

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Over and above the limits of cognitive breakthrough technology, the profound learning and learning instruments combined with the symbolic AI are blended that emit human intuition to provide intelligence and cognitive reasoning. Systems are data-trained and knowledge-trained, which significantly reduces the data required to make them smart. With Beyond Limits, the systems are designed to handle the unknown, including incorrect or missing data, which is unique in its NASA Space Program heritage. This means that conventional machine learning, the neural network, and profound learning methods cannot solve problems by themselves.

Beyond Limits seek out advanced intelligence solutions for competitive advantage or business transformation and solve difficult, complex, and mission-critical challenges. Beyond Limits offers people better information for quicker, better decision-making that reduces risks and identifies opportunities.

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