Collaborative Imaging Hires Arun Douglas as New Chief Technology...

Collaborative Imaging Hires Arun Douglas as New Chief Technology Officer

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, September 07, 2020

Pioneering technologist Arun Douglas takes over a new role at Collaborative Imaging to manage and develop the company's industry-leading technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Today, collaborative Imaging, a radiologist-owned alliance with more than 500 radiologists, declares Arun Douglas as its new Chief Technology Officer. As health care continues to face pressure due to lower reimbursements and higher patient responsibilities, practices must evolve and utilize more efficient workflow solutions that can meet the medical community and patients' needs. Collaborative Imaging elected to migrate to a 100 percent cloud-based environment to leverage the scalability and agility that cloud platforms offer. This is by no means an end, but rather the beginning of focused evolution to deliver the best in patient care in every way possible.

Douglas has worked with Collaborative Imaging since the company's inception in 2018. He brings above 20 years of experience in developing, implementing, and optimizing information technology (IT) services and management capabilities to his new position. He deployed critical biometric solutions in two Texas counties during his previous tenure at an IT and professional services company. He was able to design, scale, and implement effective infrastructure solutions for some of the biggest technology brands.

"We have never been afraid to be pioneers in utilizing the newest technologies. However, the decisions of which technologies to embrace is one that has to be made by an individual who can see the bigger picture as to our need to be agile, and not wedded to any single technology. In Arun, I have found someone who shares the same values as our organization and has the ability to build solutions that are easily adaptable to a multitude of technologies and platforms," says Dhruv Chopra, CEO of Collaborative Imaging. "Arun shares in our philosophy of questioning the status quo and not resting in our laurels of what we have built but finding ways to consistently improve. I am very excited about our partnership with Arun and look forward to leveraging his drive to keep us on the cutting-edge of technology."

As Chief Technology Officer, Douglas will manage the hybrid cloud platforms and the technology infrastructure that Collaborative Imaging utilizes. He will oversee the infrastructure to ensure the security and compliance requirements are adhered to while providing for an infrastructure that is scalable and responsive to Collaborative Imaging patients, physicians, and healthcare systems’ needs. 

"I am thrilled to move into this new role and continue my career at Collaborative Imaging," Douglas says. "The innovative and transformative solutions Collaborative Imaging continues to develop and incorporate is why I thoroughly enjoy working at this company. Our solutions are game-changing and are sure to revolutionize the future of the many health care specialties our partners operate in."

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