CompanyMileage's Integration with Mumms Software to Automate...

CompanyMileage's Integration with Mumms Software to Automate Payment and Monitoring

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, February 14, 2022

CompanyMileage forms a partnership with mumms software.

FREMONT, CA: The primary goal of EHR integration is to provide efficient and secure patient-centred healthcare. With an EHR interface, clinicians may communicate patient healthcare data smoothly between electronic systems, ensuring clear communication and no data loss. CompanyMileage has integrated with Hummingbird, a hospice-specific EMR software offered by mumms Software. This integration enables mumms clients to more easily automate trip monitoring and payment.

"We're excited to be able to pair these two platforms together," states Kevin Winters, Founder and CEO of CompanyMileage. "Now, patient data can be managed in one location for both solutions, making it easier for providers to reach patients and give them the critical care they need."

Specifically, this interface enables Address Books in CompanyMileage to be automatically imported and updated daily or weekly with patient data from the mumms' system. This enables all addresses to be maintained in a single location, ensuring that their EMR and CompanyMileage remain current.

Following installation, Hummingbird address information for mumms clients will be automatically pre-populated in SureMileage, including location names, street addresses, and client identification numbers. Agencies that utilize mumms' Hummingbird can now access CompanyMileage's EVV capability for clinical documentation in the home.

"We've continuously heard how much time and money our agencies spend on tracking mileage and reimbursing providers," explains Leo Radosta, CEO of mumms Software.

mumms Software has established an intimate awareness of their customers' particular issues after more than 30 years in the hospice and palliative care arena. They've witnessed firsthand how inefficient and time-consuming the present mileage tracking and reimbursement methods are for agencies.

As a result, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to collaborate with CompanyMileage on developing integration with Hummingbird and SureMileage.

"Seeing the powerful way has solved this specific problem within the home healthcare industry, guided this interface," Radosta adds.

"It is a perfect marriage between two software solutions that have each independently served this specialized group of customers. We're proud to join forces on this integration with mumms," concludes Winters.

Users of CompanyMileage and Hummingbird can make use of this connectivity.

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