Connecting COPD Patients with Relevant Pharmacy Service Providers

Connecting COPD Patients with Relevant Pharmacy Service Providers

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, March 01, 2019

Healthcare sector has been undergoing diversified changes since the advent of technologically advanced devices. The connected devices and AR and VR technology is aimed at providing healthcare service beyond the conventional system. Markets and Markets has noted the value of augmented and virtual reality in the healthcare market will reach $4997.9 million by 2023. These changing facets have made the patients more interested in a cost-effective and personalized way of treatment. Accenture has predicted that AI will save almost $150 billion in healthcare by 2026.

This growing reliance on technology has begotten a massive problem related to the self-detection of disease which is often misleading and harmful for the patient. The ever-growing telemedicine market and the advent of some innovative start-ups like K Health, Doctor on Demand, HealthTap, Teladoc, and American Well have decided to address this problem seriously. For example, K Health has raised $25 million to revamp its self-diagnostic platform.

Propeller Health is aimed at providing solutions to relieve patients suffering from chronic respiratory disease and encourages patients, physicians, and healthcare organizations to leverage its platform to have proper digital and healthcare experience. The company has announced My Pharmacy platform to build a connection between COPD sufferers and pharmacy services, and Walgreen has been chosen as the first pharmacy to get included in this platform.

My Pharmacy has all the traits and aspects to revolutionize the whole process of COPD medication by providing the patients with an opportunity to refill prescription and have a discussion with pharmacist leveraging Walgreens Pharmacy Chat. Patients suffering from COPD need a continuous treatment process and pieces of advice, and this platform can refurbish the whole treatment process.

Mobile apps have become an important constituent of the healthcare sector providing the hospitals a better chance to manage the problematic and monotonous back-office tasks, and at the same time, the apps have enabled patients to fix an appointment simply.

Technology in the healthcare sector is on rapid growth. From delocalized care to the use of mobile mammography vans, all have introduced a drastic shift in the scenario, and amidst this continuous change, My Pharmacy will play a pivotal role to simplify the treatment process of chronic respiratory disease. 

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